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H: b2525 fixer W: offers

2022.01.21 17:29 Ech0_RaptoR9 H: b2525 fixer W: offers

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2022.01.21 17:29 i_Forsaken I present to you: Bob the Builder in a trenchcoat.

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2022.01.21 17:29 jaggrewal80 I think you are using this the wrong way...

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2022.01.21 17:29 XanderTheMan2000 It's that kid from fun dead in crash zoom

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2022.01.21 17:29 Cheetahtoo Three healthy foods help you maintain a healthy respiratory, digestive and liver, lose weight and fight infections.

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2022.01.21 17:29 capnbarky My job is also experiencing a hiring shortage and they are also refusing to pay any more

I work as an estimator, and I've been talking to recruiters to hopefully get a better paying job to keep up with the cost of living. When I talk to these recruiters and I give them the salary I need to make the switch (taking into account the risks of finding a new job), or ask for remote work, they reveal that the owners have laughably low wage ranges and that to get remote work "usually places are looking for people with 15 years experience" (about 2x what I have, conveniently).
So I'm talking to a supplier today with one of our project managers and they are both bemoaning the small supply of estimators, the fact that our "chief estimator" is old and that "there's no one who can replace them".
And it's not just estimators it's warehouse workers, it's everyone. They can't even find enough truckers to get materials from their piers and deliver product to end consumers at the same time. They're even messing around acting like "everything will be ok in the summer when all the jobs start up again" like they're even going to be able to staff construction crews to a capacity that will avoid liquidated damages.
So, yeah, they're not willing to pay you a reasonable wage no matter what you do, they're feeling the consequences of paying peanuts and are thinking everything will get better magically.
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2022.01.21 17:29 ergo99 Waiting for Ina's next Guilty Gear stream!

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2022.01.21 17:29 SnooShortcuts5913 Got some closure but still feel stuck. Advice plz?

So she (26F) ended it with me (26M) in October because things just moved way too fast and the circumstances were very complicated. Essentially we had a summer of love. Just going full steam ahead without thinking about the repercussions. I got too attached and was devastated when she ended it. She felt terrible because she didn’t realize how attached I was and neither did I at the time. For context, we’ve known eachother for 6 years and hooked up a handful of times over the years. We would always have these pockets of time where we would flirt over text and then go hook up on a random weekend. Neither of us took it too seriously because we lived in different cities and sometimes the contact would just stop and we would do it again months later. She moved down here at the beginning of summer and that’s when things took off.
After she broke it off I went no contact for two months. She invited me over to hang with her and her roommate and it was really fun but I was still holding on to false hope. I tried to convince myself that I wasn’t but I could tell that I still had feelings. I had felt like I'd done so much work to get to this point where I could see her again as friends and it went out the window immediatley. We very pretty flirty with eachother and things felt similar to the way they were before. After I left she texted me and things started to heat up again. We texted all throughout the holidays as she was back at her parents house and she also got covid. We were very flirty like we have always been and it felt really fucking good to be honest. I knew it was bad for me but I really didn’t care.
Once she came back from her trip everything changed. She basically stopped talking to me, stopped snapchatting, basically cut me out cold turkey. The funny thing is when we lived in different cities, we would do that all the time to eachother but it never mattered to me before because I wasn't attached. We made plans to hangout while we were still flirting, and I followed up on them. We met two nights ago and immediately both admitted that things were weird. She helped me realize that she felt overwhelmed and weird again because we essentially have no boundaries. If we are left alone together in a room, our chemistry is so strong that we would probably end up hooking up. She explained that over the holidays she had realized what she was doing and didn't want to hurt me again, so she just stopped. We both agreed that things were different now that she lives so close, and that the fallout from our "flirting phase" meant a lot more this time around. Especially after getting serious over the summer.
Essentially, we both agreed that to be genuine friends that we can't flirt anymore because I end up getting hurt, and she ends up feeling bad for hurting me. She really cares for me and loves me, but doesn't want to make things awkward. In her head, we had what we had over the summer and it was real, but she's moved on and feels like its back to old times when we would just flirt for fun periodically.
Here's my issue... I REALLLLLY WANT TO HOOK UP WITH HER!!! It's like an addiction!!! And now that I understand where her head is at, I could definitely do it because we just have so much chemistry and tension. The problem is I know that I will get hurt again. I can't look at her the same way I used to years ago. She means too much to me. I know on her end she would want to I mean we talk about it while we flirt, but I think she also realizes it would fuck me up even more. Listen guys I know its bad for me but I just can't get over the fact that I could literally make one phone call and fulfill my addiction. I can't get over the fact that when I see her with friends, we both have to act like we don't want to do anything so I don't get hurt.
I feel stuck, thank you
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2022.01.21 17:29 idspispopd Sask. Party, NDP polling numbers closest in 5 years: Angus Reid survey

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2022.01.21 17:29 BenLondonAbs It'll be pretty crappy if the new D2 patch drops same time as POE :-|

I know this isn't a POE related post specifically and might break rules (sorry if so mods).
I will definitely play POE league over the new D2 one if they drop at the same time... but I'm not going to lie, it will suck big time! The first new content patch in over 10 years etc the hype will be pretty crazy.
How is everyone else here going to tackle it if they both release at the same time?
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2022.01.21 17:29 Deamonchild666 My metal kit.

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2022.01.21 17:29 NevadaA- desperate times call for desperate measures

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2022.01.21 17:29 CKsTechnologyNews Social accounts for Content creators - When is it too much?

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2022.01.21 17:29 No_Management_3380 Best/worst cases of localization in games you've ever seen?

A little bit of context before anything: I'm studying translation and now I want to write my thesis on video games localization. I need to choose at least two games where the localization is good and another one where it's terrible, the worst possible. So, my questions here are:
What have been the worst translated games you've ever played? and the best ones?
Did the fact that these games were mistranslated affect your gaming experience in any way? (maybe you dropped that game, dealt with it, thought it was an annoying or funny mistake)
I personally thought of choosing The Witcher III as one with the best localizations, but I'm open to hearing your opinion about both The Witcher III and any other game you have in mind. I'd appreciate any contribution.
The last thing I have to say is, have fun answering! It will be interesting to read your opinions.
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2022.01.21 17:29 Sea-Faithlessness978 [EUW] Looking for Silver/Gold support

hey i’m looking for a duo support to climb back to high gold low plat, i’m silver 3 atm due to lp penalties and queue lockouts in placements. preferred if you play soraka, lulu, nami, etc. we can voice or text i don’t really care hmu on discord: D7#3653
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2022.01.21 17:29 ZoobBot 202318

This is the 202318th time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2022.01.21 17:29 Race_Carz Keyboard for Sale or advice on how to sell?🥸

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2022.01.21 17:29 elosiemandero VRCHAT Madness

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2022.01.21 17:29 AmsonAnimates I just got a perfect, mint condition, psa 10, 2016 shiny charizard. I got a binder from some lady for $50, got this. Should I get it graded?

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2022.01.21 17:29 Morticiar If you were composing a poem to a SO, how would you finish “roses are red, violets are blue”?

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2022.01.21 17:29 Accomplished-Rough36 When did you realise that you are an “adult”?

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2022.01.21 17:29 Nightrider_BD https://t.me/corinnakopfonlyfanz

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2022.01.21 17:29 sg13NHarri Can you help me choose the best medium for this piece? I'm thinking charcoal and chalk pastels, charcoal and acrylic paint, or all of the above. And yes I know I need to fix the jawline.

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2022.01.21 17:29 Weird-Asparagus7605 finally found Avery!

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2022.01.21 17:29 MountanMan30-06 Za Warudo

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