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Wall Street Week Ahead: Can Apple, Tesla and Microsoft Throw Stocks An Earnings Lifeline?

2022.01.21 17:31 NewsElfForEnterprise Wall Street Week Ahead: Can Apple, Tesla and Microsoft Throw Stocks An Earnings Lifeline?

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2022.01.21 17:31 sanda__kun stuck on loading screen, dont know why, google isnt helping either.

Hello, clinte gets stuck on loading screen when I log in, I thought it was a problem in the server but I can sign in to a different account and it wont get stuck, I dont know whats happening, can someone explain please?
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2022.01.21 17:31 LtChestnut Orion over Mahurangi Island

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2022.01.21 17:31 Suchboss1136 New Haul for 2022!

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2022.01.21 17:31 TURNmyFATE Battle box

I am looking to make a battle box of pauper decks that I can bring to an LGS to show people the pauper format and I am looking for deck submissions for this
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2022.01.21 17:31 WrongNibbas Can i change package declare amount after i do the package rehearsal?

im tryna ship 2.5kg item to USA and its telling me to declare amount 40$ or above. ive asked many people on how much i should and they all told me to declare 15 to 20 dollars max. i was wondering if i can change it after i do the package rehearsal
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2022.01.21 17:31 Snoo_28562 Sprig has bones in his tongue ????

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2022.01.21 17:31 Environmental-Key-40 What's the function of this app "notifications"? Should I update it?

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2022.01.21 17:31 WraithOfDoom Conquest of the Ice Lich: The Notre-Menti Mystery

Part One: A Frosty Reception:
Gather round, my children, and all you disciples of MrRipper, as I tell you the tale of what transpired when I ran my first Level 20 oneshot (that quickly became a two-shot). The world is of my DM, the setting and story, however, is entirely my own. So enjoy the tale of this chilling mystery...
Long, long ago, when the world of Abraxis was new and strange, still ensconced in the wisps of time, a group of settlers from the southern regions journeyed up the the frozen lands of the north, in order to explore and study the as yet unseen life that flourished there. They were predominantly druids, goliaths at that, as they could withstand the harsher, cold temperatures that the north possessed. As soon as they disembarked from their ships, they saw that the waves instantly froze on the shoreline, and christened this brave new world ‘Notre-Menti,’ or ‘The Frozen Shore.’
Over time, the colony grew, only finding wolves and other forms of savagery, whom they drove north in order to escape. These beasts settled in the true north, in the wild forests overseen by an ancient goddess of the wolves. But soon, Notre-Menti was settled by creatures of all races and colours, and the land flourished; its cities prospered, trade blossomed, and the people were happy. General trade consisted of exportation of ice-formed crystals that grew freshly in the area up to the Rimellian mountains to the north, that had the power of preservation, rather like amber: if an unfortunate man or beast were to be trapped inside and frozen, they would be preserved in permafrost and time.
However, a secret had been buried among the minds of the original settlers. The druids had brought along an expert in cryomancy, a powerful sorcerer, wizard and guide, the tiefling Khrethon Zerlye. He was silent, and brooding, but nearly unparalleled in ice magic, and a skillful guide to the as yet uncharted territory of Notre-Menti. Added to that, he was one of those rare breeds of humanoids who could transform into a dragon at will. The traveller Atlas is one of the more famous examples, but that’s a story for another time. Due to his powers, he rescued many would-be settlers from the icy wastes that later separated the towns and cities from each other. All were grateful to him. But they didn’t show it.
When the various towns and cities were founded, Khrethon’s name wasn’t in the books. His help had not been recognised. His world had shattered like the ice so common in the north. He started to grow even more introverted and bitter, turning to necromancy and improving his cryogenic magic, all the while hoping against hope that his achievements would finally be recognised.
But they never were.
His time had come, though. He would show them that he should be at least given partial credit. His twisted mind had warped him into something that his younger self would have despised, something gnarled and broken. But that’s wrath for you. It’s a cruel god.
Establishing his base in an old temple of the wolf goddess, hollowed out of the Rimellian Mountains, at the southwest of Notre-Menti, he started manipulating the very energy of the plane of Ice to his will, creating a legion of ice elementals, whilst also augmenting his spells beyond all previous power. He wanted not to rule, nor to start a life anew. He wanted revenge.
But his presence wasn’t subtle. A legion of Notre-Menti’s champions had assembled to fight Khrethon, playing him at his own game. The battle was furious and lasted for nearly a day, but finally, Khrethon dropped down, near death, the elementals dissolving into snow around him. The champions hauled him to the central chamber of his old lair, deactivating his arcane portals and other magic traps, mockingly binding him to his old throne in the centre of the room, using icy chains that negated his power to bind him to his old seat of power. Before leaving him there to die, the doors to the chamber were barred with stone, metal and ice, carved with ancient runes to keep him trapped inside the mountain for all eternity. The temple had two entrances, both reading ‘Temple’ in runes. However, the right hand side was now changed to the word ‘Prison,’ to warn all unsuspecting travellers that a threat, though dead, lurked in the shadows.
Or was he?
As a final action before he passed on, Khrethon, who had studied the process of lichdom, bonded his soul with an hourglass, knowing full well that the cold of the chamber would preserve him in a cryogenic sleep, until he could wreak his revenge on Notre-Menti. Before his eyes closed, he felt the bonds between life and deal blur, his soul transport into the hourglass.
Now he had to wait.
Fast forward around 500 years later, Notre-Menti was still booming. Among the smaller towns dotted around the southeast coast was Demestra, which technically was split into two: three huts and a small jetty on the coast, and the main city an hour away. Around Demestra lay ice crystals of exceptional rarity and beauty that had a preservative effect, rather like amber. These were valued very highly by the richer folk on the other continents, so a small mining colony formed, but Demestra still remained poor, as the wealthy swindled their money, paying less than the gems were worth. Demestra was a predominately a goliath colony, ruled by the stern but kind, Russian accented, Tyrene Shattercliff, who had a husband, Matthian, and her two children, Rolath and Alanna. Rolath was the strongest of the lads in the village, while Alanna had a talent for spellcasting. Above all, they had not as yet inherited their mother’s steadfast nature, preferring to increase their powers through exploration.
One day, both of them happened upon the old temple. The Rimellian Mountains had become peaks of bad omen. No one knew why, but in reality it was spread by the champions that had defeated Khrethon; the place harboured something of great power and destruction, they told people. To their credit, for 500 years, no-one had ventured there. Until now.
Rolath gripped his sword, goading Alanna relentlessly if she dared to enter the crumbling ruins. Alanna did the same thing, an eyebrow raised in silent challenge. Both were nervous, but brimming with excitement and anticipation. As they made their way into the icy wastes of the temple, they shivered with the cold. Even these hard-skinned goliaths felt the freezing presence of the ancient lich slumbering inside, but they didn’t fully realise what they had just done.
The runes across the prison bars were fading. With a combination of might and mental magic, Rolath and Alanna broke the door down, and stepped into the chamber cautiously. The blood in their veins froze quicker in the air as they discovered the seemingly dead and bound lich chained to his throne of ice. Deathly silence echoed through the old temple. They begin to pace the chamber, teeth chattering and clinking in their mouths, tiptoeing up and down the crystalline stairs onto a second level of the chamber, where people used to gather for rituals praising the wolf goddess. Crystals were growing within and around the chamber, one with an hourglass suspended in time inside. They even crackled off the skin of the chained man and the iron shackles that imprisoned him. His head was bowed in a peaceful repose, eyes closed, ice forming around his eyebrows, though his nose had succumbed to frostbite. Frost-blue lines pulsated through his skin, and his horns and hair were encrusted in ice. His skin had turned a darkened blue, and it almost seemed to be rotting away, though the ice had preserved it.
And then Rolath, in his youthful innocence, touched the chain with his gauntleted hand.
Instantly, it broke, the arcane bonds keeping him dead shattering into infinitesimal pieces to the cold stone floor. A wheezing, rattling gasp erupted from the man’s mouth, and he looked towards the two shocked goliaths with surprise. Then, the cruel face twisted into a rictus of glee, and the frost-blue eyes opened, piercing the new arrivals, freezing their brains to near-oblivion. He shakily arose from his throne, and grinned his cracked, crusty teeth in a smirk as the chains began to break one by one, the sound of crumbling ice cascading through the temple. From far, far away, as if down a long tunnel, Rolath and Alanna sensed the man had risen. Their vision was blurred with a faint blue colour, their mind numbed and stinging from the man’s very aura.
‘It seems I am in your debt,’ the man chittered, as he reached down to the ground, pulling and moulding a staff out of the snow and ice of the temple floor, and levelling it at them. ‘I am weak, but I shall give you power beyond your wildest desires.’
And they knew nothing more.
As Tyrene mourned the disappearance of her children, more people started disappearing from the village. Taken in the night, with only shards of preservative icy crystals trapping their abodes in a covering of frost. Some told Tyrene and the other villagers of a hulking figure, seemingly made out of armour that resembled ice, slinging people across its back, trudging up to the mountains. Tyrene ignored the fact that the legends of the Rimellian prisoner could be true; even so, he was dead. Though the dead could very well rise, she doubted, out of hope, or fear, that he was behind all this. So she intensified the town’s guard. All of them were taken. She imposed curfews. Still more people were taken. She grew desperate. Desperate enough to call in favours from other town leaders. Their influence blossomed and grew, so that the majority of the leaders of Abraxis would have heard her plea.
They then looked at the lands looking for a ragtag bunch of people to do the job. Tyrene just wanted anyone who could do the job and save the town, but, ultimately, she got more than she required. As soon as the names were written down, she wrote a letter, sealing it with an ice blue seal, to six individuals across the globe.
A letter reached Queen Carliah Ravencrest, the aasimar Hexblade Warlock/Conquest Paladin queen of Highdeep, the northern port city and unofficial capital of Highdeep, a small island to the southeast of the Republic of Brandaria in the north-west. She and another group of adventurers had only just vanquished Ecain, a necromancer hell-bent on destruction, from obliterating the entire world, but, for the life of a queen like her, she got no rest. She hopped aboard her personal dreadnought airship, and set a course for Demestra, along with her pilot and pirate-captain friend, the half-elf bard, Quin.
A letter reached the friendly goliath Champion Fighter Pip Windermere, at his cosy little home somewhere in the north of Abraxis. He put out the fire in the grate, wrote a letter to his family and friends, and set off on the long trek on land and sea towards the frozen shore.
A letter reached Princess Harper Silverscale, the bronze dragonborn Devotion Paladin, at her family castle. Free-spirited and dedicated to justice, she could smartly quip anything at a moment's notice, and was often mistaken for the damsel in distress, the dragon and the knight who had to save the princess, at the same time. She sent for a servant with knowledge of the ocean as her skipper, and together, they sailed the ocean blue towards Notre-Menti.
Somehow, two letters reached the half-elf partners in crime in an unknown city. The man was called Wata and the woman, Florin, both young Arcane Trickster rogues, who were previously affiliated (one way or another), with the assassin known as The King’s Tax Collector. Wata was proficient with thievery and deadly with a bow and arrow, while Florin fired kinetically-energised cards from her hands, her sword slicing enemies to ribbons if the cards didn’t do the job. Hungry for a fight, they hopped aboard a ship to the north.
Finally, a letter reached Ruuple Kimbles, a devious tabaxi merchant and Divination wizard, who was contacted in the middle of haggling with a customer. After getting annoyed with the messenger because the customer he’d be bargaining with had disappeared after realising his ‘Torches of Endless Flame’ consisted only of a matchbox, he packed a Tupperware of his ravioli (he made a mean ravioli), his Robe of the Archmagi (the less said about where and how he got that, the better), his staff, and got an airship to Notre-Menti, taking the 2 days walk south to Demestra.
The warriors had been assembled. Tyrene’s pleas had reached them. They were ready for anything.
Ruuple stood on the pier at Demestra’s outpost, watching the sun dip slowly in the west, in a watercolour of burnt umber, ochre, and gold, reflecting against the coral blue of the icy waters. He mused for a while on why he was there, and then turned round in surprise when he saw a gigantic goliath striding towards him across the rickety, slightly rotting planks, waving in the dying light. After a brief introduction, both were startled by the appearance of both Wata and Florin, who had been clinging on to the underside of the deck to spook their fellow companion, having jumped out of the shadows, Wata trying to rob an indignant Ruuple from any valuables he might possess, only finding a slightly frozen Tupperware of ravioli. Harper crested through the waters on her private vessel, who turned tail back for home at her bidding, cordially greeting the others on the pier.
Then a giant bass horn sounded from above the clouds, and a massive airship blotted out the sun.
‘Erm, boss,’ Quin called. ‘You sure this is the place?’
‘Very sure,’ Carliah responded from the decks. ‘And don’t go any further, otherwise you’ll be in their territory. And you remember what happened the last time you did that…’
‘Don’t mention that again! You know how much you had to bail me out for that-’
‘Please, don’t remind me. You’re a good captain and all, but no one’s worth that amount of money.’
‘Hey!’ Quin retorted.
‘How come Blaire couldn’t take me, anyway?’
‘She’s spending time with her father, probably playing chess, I shouldn’t wonder.’ Quin thought wistfully of the ex-pirate air genasi ranger who had played an important role in defeating Ecain. He mumbled something about not signing up to Carliah’s insults, then looked down at the ant-size figures on the pier, and shouted down at them. ‘You’ll have a handful with her, I’ll tell you.’
‘I heard that!’
Carliah Ravencrest descended, golden wings splayed in glory, raven-styled sword brandished in readiness for a fight, landing with a graceful drop onto the pier, brown hair flecked with a light dusting of snow. She was about to introduce herself when Quin called down.
‘When do you want me to pick you up?’
‘When I am ready,’ Carliah huffed impatiently. ‘I’ll send for you.’
‘Alright, grumbled Quin,’ turning the ship around, sounding the horn again for good measure. Soon, the hulking form was a mere shadow on the clouds, lost to the adventurers now.
‘Well, then,’ Carliah groused. ‘He’s out of the way, so I think some semblance of formal introductions are in order.’ She and the others introduced themselves, shaking slightly chilly hands as they did so.
‘So...why are we even here?’ Ruuple chattered, taking an icy bite of the now solidified ravioli. ‘Something about...people being taken?’
‘That is exactly right,’ a voice boomed from behind them.
A shadow stood behind them ominously, gripping a two-sided battle hammer in its gloved hands. It was gigantic, looming in the twilight, a bastion of ice and shadow in its gloomy hands. Then, in an (slightly Russian) accent soaked with desperation and vodka, it spoke again: ‘You are the ones who have come to save this town from certain frozen doom?’
Tyrene Shattercliff, for that is who she was, lumbered into view. As usual, she was dressed in fashionable but sturdy leather and fur armour, her hammer glinting in the fading light and on the reflection of the snow, sending the light scattering into Ruuple’s eyes. He shielded them with a yowl, to which she roared a laugh that shook the snow around them. ‘Ha, and you call yourselves heroes?’
‘Not really,’ Wata grumbled. ‘We’re kind of-’ here, Florin had to clasp her angry hand over his mouth before he could utter the words ‘wanted criminals.’
‘Well, you’re certainly not dressed like heroes.’
Carliah, fuming, shot daggers at Tyrene, the two locked in an embrace as frigid as the frosty air around them. After what seemed like an eternity, they broke off, arms folded, turning their backs to each other. ‘Come on, walk,’ seethed Tyrene, muscles bristling beneath her winter coat. ‘I have much to tell you.’
And she did. She had much to say about her missing children, about the shadowy presence that stole through the village each night, about the warnings of an unearthed monster stirring on the cold air. And so do I. But that will have to wait until next time.
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2022.01.21 17:31 Ronathan64 First Fuji. I‘m a little bit in love

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2022.01.21 17:31 poizunman206 [SERIOUS] First responders of Reddit, what's the most ridiculous call you've been on?

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2022.01.21 17:31 zahraa90 8 ball pool not working

Anyone else having this issue right now? I know it’s not on my side as internet works with all other apps
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2022.01.21 17:31 Bossmanplayzzz I Glitches in air - Bully Scholarship Edition

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2022.01.21 17:31 Gravity_Penguin Herald of Chaos

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2022.01.21 17:31 TirelessToaster2 What's the best way to train surf? Like wouldn't you end up stopping at a random junction or going the wrong way? An example being from Washington to Florida, how easy would that be?

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2022.01.21 17:31 helpless-turtle [19M] weird bump on my back

Hey, I'm 19,male weigh 70kg and have no pre-existing medical conditions. I just woke up and have weird bump on my back and am wondering if I should go see a doctor or leave it be. https://imgur.com/a/0Vdtamu
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2022.01.21 17:31 SeriousMongoose2290 For all you 200 day MA bois

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2022.01.21 17:31 DesignersUniverse Rainbow trees

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2022.01.21 17:31 SunnyFoster Be proud of yourself for everything you’ve accomplished no matter how small

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2022.01.21 17:31 kropotkinpetyr Gamers Rise Up! - Raven Studios Workers Announces Formation of Video Game Workers Union

QA Workers of Raven Studios (an Activision-Blizzard company) have announced today the formation of the GWA, a games alliance with the CWA.
This is after a month and a half of work stoppage and general strike among Activision-Blizzard employees.
The employees have been receiving funds from the strike fund set up here

Friendly people of reddit, video game workers are treated like trash, if you want to help the good workers of Activision Blizzard strike back and make a foothold for worker's rights in Video Games and Tech, here's one way to do so.
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2022.01.21 17:31 Gladiators10 What is an activity you started or stopped doing that significantly improved the quality of your life?

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2022.01.21 17:31 hvity How do I use vr

How do I set up VR for DCS standalone version?
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2022.01.21 17:31 iccaecumsa Crazy Floki🔥 Reflections Token Launching Now ! | Massive giveaways on Launch day💰 | Nonstop marketing day after day

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2022.01.21 17:31 ConstantEconomist693 Não entendo nada de carro mas quero um sedan da Honda

Não sei porque, meu pai já trabalhou com eles e diz que é de uma qualidade MUITO boa, então sei lá, hoje tenho 25 e não tenho saco pra gastar com carro e afins mas um dia quem sabe, se bem que nem sei onde comprar um semi novo bom, cara não sei nada kkkk.
Vocês que entendem infinitamente mais que eu, qual site vocês acham bom? E qual carro, tirando óbvio os de marca de luxo, vocês gostariam de ter ou já tiveram? Vlw
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