I’m so sick of seeing this guy

2021.12.03 00:31 boogs98 I’m so sick of seeing this guy

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2021.12.03 00:31 Dicecreamery Giving away 100 Dice Cream NFTs!

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2021.12.03 00:31 LarryLevis Hey, I recorded the game tonight in case anyone missed it.

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2021.12.03 00:31 tglife50 🔥 Verify Is Paying BNB Dividends to Holders!!! 🔥 Unique & Needed Use Case With Huge Potential & Small Market Cap!! 💎 Featured on Every HackRead Article For The Next Week!! 💎 CEX Contract Signed 🚀

What separates Verify from the rest of the crypto projects that are currently launching? A unique and needed use case. Verify Lens is not a gimmick and it will help each and every investor in various ways!
Let me introduce you to the ICO of 2021, VerifyToken! You’re probably wondering what makes Verify different than all of these other shilled posts, so allow me explain.
Cryptocurrency crimes rose by 1,000% in the last year alone! According to the FTC, consumers lost at least 80 million dollars as a result. Guess who the consumers are…us. And, nobody is stepping up to protect ‘us’ so there is a clear need for what Verify is doing!
Verify is bringing full transparency to the crypto market. The utility behind Verify is Verify Lens. It is a cloud-based dashboard that will gather data on defi projects—new and old—to aid the investor in making a more informed decision. The dashboard is currently under development. We will be using our own API’s to communicate with API's from multiple sources to answer your typical DYOR questions. On top of that, users will be able to check audits and doxxed devs, label wallets, track wallet movements, and get a security rating for any project—and more! Our algorithms will create confidence scores for every project so you can make more informed investment decisions. With so many people being scammed daily in BSC (some of us included), we believe this will be a powerful tool to educate investors and deter scammers.
Doesn’t that sound like a much-needed service? And you can get in on it early! Join our Telegram to get the details about how you can purchase!!!!
At this point, you probably want to head over to our website to learn more about Verify Lens and see our timeline—hope to see you soon!
(Boring but necessary and important stuff):
✔️ Doxxed & experienced team
✔️ Team is available around the clock for questions
✔️ Active community
✔️ Tokenomics with philanthropy
10% Sell tax
💥 2% Research and Development
💥 2% Charity
💥 2% Liquidity
💥 2% Burn
6% Buy Tax
💥 2% R&D
💥 1% Liquidity
💥 1% Charity
💥 1% Burn
Get in touch with us:
Now on Discord as of today
…and of course VerifyToken
Come check out our Verify Family! You don’t want to miss this!
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2021.12.03 00:31 jookco william hartmann Death - Obituary News Story : See What Happened. Click link to read full story.

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2021.12.03 00:31 SadDemonzs babies started opening their eyes! 🥰

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2021.12.03 00:31 mooseman2234 If someone looks at you, touches the left side of their face, and says “you have something here?” Do you touch the right side of your face (ie mirroring what they have done), or the left side of your face (ie interpreting the message they have sent you?

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2021.12.03 00:31 IceJKING108 This is what an AI thinks when it thinks of the word Star Wars, I think it got the right idea

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2021.12.03 00:31 loombleu ghosty booman, you can read his book now 👻

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2021.12.03 00:31 dannylenwinn Remarks by US President on COVID-19 Winter Plan: 'we have safe, effective vaccines for children age five and older, with 20 mln children and counting now vaccinated.. pledging 200 mln more doses within the next 100 days to world for 1.2 bln donated. expanding the nationwide booster campaign'

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2021.12.03 00:31 Adothefirst Not interesting

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2021.12.03 00:31 fadedwiggles You've been asked to write a eulogy for you favorite character after they die, what do you say?

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2021.12.03 00:31 neipas13 Stroll at a show

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2021.12.03 00:31 lgats HP Inc. Model HSN-I47C HNI47CPD (B94HNI47CPD)

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2021.12.03 00:31 KPookz Are any of you Traveling Dashers?

DoorDash is so flexible with hours and locations that I’m seriously considering buying a camper to pull behind my SUV and traveling the country. I can just park at a state park and unhitch my SUV and DD in whatever town the state park is in. If I get bored and want a change of scenery then I’ll just hook back up and go to the next state park I like.
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2021.12.03 00:31 average_gatsby45 gaming emulator suggestion

i want to buy an emulator for a friend of mine , to experience old school cool
what would be the best one that would have the nes snes etc games
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2021.12.03 00:31 chiefbigpooh Phil is basically derich when trying to tweet at Geoff Keighly

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2021.12.03 00:31 child_man_dad furby ear is broken, how should I go about fixing it.

I have a pink baby furby. she was dropped at some point and that caused one of the ear pieces to snap in half, where the base is still attached into the furby itself but the end is not. is there a way that I can go about fixing this or is my furby doomed to have one weird ear.
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2021.12.03 00:31 FrontpageWatch2020 [#66|+3581|261] Howwwww?????? [r/blackmagicfuckery]

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2021.12.03 00:31 kakfoo Can those who have no knowledge of Catholicism because they haven't found out about it still go to heaven if they lead a good life?

Title, just a shower thought i wanted to know the answer to.
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2021.12.03 00:31 JinglesBitch Slot Canyon in Escalante

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2021.12.03 00:31 Overall-Address-3446 It's almost like they don't want you to drs

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2021.12.03 00:31 LegalizeFreedom21 No matter how much weed I smoke I don’t get high

And I smoke some dank strains. Maybe it’s time for a t break? I also use carts like crazy. I just don’t really get high anymore.
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2021.12.03 00:31 deadalivecat What do you call a bad salad dressing?

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2021.12.03 00:31 lgats Shenzhen EDUP Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd. Bluetooth adapter EP-B3536 (2AHRDEP-B3536)

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