(Ps5) Year 2 offseason No cheese sim league

2021.12.03 00:25 Getthishoenudes (Ps5) Year 2 offseason No cheese sim league

(Ps5)(30/32) Game of Zones League
We are currently recruiting for Madden 22 PS5 Franchise. We are currently in Season 2 heading into Offseason. Come join a great international league that has been together for years! We have players that are located in Great Britain, Australia, Canada, And the United States.
This is a league for people who enjoy talking sports (all sports like Soccer, Boxing, MMA , NBA , NHL , MLB, NFL) and playing football with each other, but most importantly want to better themselves overall. Character and ability is emphasized here. This is a place where we respect one another, compete, learn from each other, and support each other.
We have been running leagues together since madden 17. Our leagues are focused on longevity. This isn’t just a one seasons and then the commish disappears off the face off the earth league. We want to have multiple season where you control your teams destiny!
League Rules: (subject to change by vote) • Difficulty: All-Madden • Game Style: Sim • Quarter length: 8 minutes • 48 hr advance • Updated rosters
realistic gameplay * NO toxic behavior or hate* - No Cheese plays - Play cool down active - Play limit active

Pm me for discord link.
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2021.12.03 00:25 Crowbur07 Choose wisely.

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2021.12.03 00:25 MacTechG4 Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series has a nice atheistic undercurrent.

I’ve read a smattering of novels in the Discworld series, and loved Sir Terry’s abilities to poke fun at the idiocy that is religion, and also make one of the most intimidating literary personifications of the state of non being be both kind and sympathetic towards humanity, to the point he’s willing to bend the rules to help…
Some of my favorite Death quotes have been from his Hogfather novel… and the BBC miniseries which is well worth watching, and far better than most holiday drivel out there
If you don’t find the room getting dusty with this clip, you’re probably not human…
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2021.12.03 00:25 notstephanie Blurry picture of a cat

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2021.12.03 00:25 BoulderBillDAFC Need to get this off my chest.

I live in a smallish town and everyone there knows my dad and they all think the world of him but see, my dad is one of these people that is nice to everyone and makes everyone laugh EXCEPT his me and my mum. He is mentally abusive, just a horrible , horrible person to us. I have brothers and he seems to be ok with them but I don’t know if it’s maybe because I’m the oldest I used to bare the brunt of it but it was constant , everyday insults and put downs and just a general don’t give a shit attitude. I’m 27 now but I’m a shell of what I once was because of this, because of my dad I’ve lost all confidence in myself, I have constant anxiety thinking everyone is laughing at me and thinking the same way about me as he did, it’s horrible. People come up to me and say I know your dad, he’s great and honestly I just agree with them but I just want to scream ! Anyway I cut him off completely 1 year ago today and I’m starting to feel a bit better but hopefully I’ll get there. 1 thing he has taught me though is hownot to be a dad, I have a 9yo son and I tell him I love him every single and we laugh and joke and play and it’s great, I ain’t cold and cruel like my dad was to me, I just don’t want to be anything like my own dad, it’s probably my biggest fear. Thanks for letting me vent, it feels good being able to get this off my chest even if it is somewhat anonymously to a bunch of randoms 🤣
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2021.12.03 00:25 TheKenS If a Robot Vac didn’t make noise, how could it suck? Or do you want it to just suck?

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2021.12.03 00:25 Giuseppe_Crab 1883 Tiramisu Syrup Leaking Issue

Does anyone else have a problem with the 1883 maison routin tiramisu syrup leaking from the pump? I've tried replacing the pump and it only temporarily fixed it but it started leaking again.
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2021.12.03 00:25 kr8zytiger Stellar's Tech Strategy V.P, Tomer Weller to speak at TNABC Miami 2022.

Stellar's Tech Strategy V.P, Tomer Weller to speak at TNABC Miami 2022. Looking forward to meeting and listening to him at the conference.
Stellar fam, are y'all joining me there?
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2021.12.03 00:25 Ornery-Baby-1829 Add me

Add me : simweir
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2021.12.03 00:25 AnotherRandomPlebe Horizon West Condos in Waukesha evacuated due to 'imminent threat of structural collapse'

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2021.12.03 00:25 mirandatheband New Age Pigeon in Flight

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2021.12.03 00:25 lunaticxw_ back at square one

seeing your abuser sets back your progress by so much i feel like i’m back to square one lol i’m so tired of him he came to my house and was constantly trying to start conversations with me and it’s like what r you trying to prove you know your guilty please leave me alone it’s like one normal interaction with him is making me question every single thing he knew what he was doing when he asked me what i cooked for dinner for everyone or when he playfully stole a card from my deck or when he invited me to his house 3 times i just need someone to hold me and tell me it isn’t in my head
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2021.12.03 00:25 Kaotic_Plays Looking for a guild on Jp

I need an active guild to join I play once a day and I am very active
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2021.12.03 00:25 Dry-Cost-945 14/16 inch MacBook Pro.

Are there any keyboard covers thin enough to be able to safely close the display?
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2021.12.03 00:25 Fun_Leader893 20 m - does someone need filled near medina tomorrow afternoon?

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2021.12.03 00:25 yzhzhang_astro LBN 552 & LDN 1228

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2021.12.03 00:25 kingmoore16 Thoughts for this guy?

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2021.12.03 00:25 Waithowmanywasthat Husband's homemade hot sauce made from homegrown tasbasco peppers

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2021.12.03 00:25 Pranavr09 Welcome Back Deji

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2021.12.03 00:25 serendipitybot Stroke content [X-Post From /r/Patrig]

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2021.12.03 00:25 Arturus2 SCP-3885 - Exploding Zombie Gearheads

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2021.12.03 00:25 Starbornnfts GIVEAWAY! Enter to win an exclusive Doodle Shark nft

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2021.12.03 00:25 MwahMwahKitteh Buying makeup off of Amazon is mostly terrible

I have Prime, so of course I use it bc I don’t have a ton of money.
I only buy well known, quality brands but I keep getting products that are expired, about to expire, unsealed, etc.
How do you make makeup buying on Amazon work?! Even if it’s from Amazon, there’s still a lot of issues.
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2021.12.03 00:25 Aliana_Harmoni Lego J. Jonah Jameson in spiderman suit

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2021.12.03 00:25 Original-Pop-1586 What should I do?

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