[WTS] Encre Noire (100ml, 90%), Aqua Di Gio - Absolu (75 ml, 80%), Aqua Di Gio - Absolu Instinct (75ml, 90%), Spicebomb Fresh (90ml, 50%), Dior Fahrenheit (50ml, 45%), Prada Luna Rossa Black (50ml, 40%), D&G The One (50ml, 85%), and more (bottle)

2021.10.25 19:15 tutman00 [WTS] Encre Noire (100ml, 90%), Aqua Di Gio - Absolu (75 ml, 80%), Aqua Di Gio - Absolu Instinct (75ml, 90%), Spicebomb Fresh (90ml, 50%), Dior Fahrenheit (50ml, 45%), Prada Luna Rossa Black (50ml, 40%), D&G The One (50ml, 85%), and more (bottle)

Hi all -
Looking to clear out a good amount of my collection. Will sell all for $275 (shipping included), but open to any bundling - make an offer. Also fine to sell individually.
CONUS only - shipping included in individual prices (will discuss if bundling). Payment via Venmo (preferred), or Paypal (G&S buyer pays fees). Pics
Armani - Aqua Di Gio - Absolu (75 ml, 80% - no box) - $40
Armani - Aqua Di Gio - Absolu Instinct (75ml, 90%) - $40
Boss - Hugo Boss Tonic (50ml, 95%) - $25
Carolina Herrera - 212 (50ml, 99%) - $25
D&G - The One (50ml, 85% - no box) - $25
Dior Fahrenheit (50ml, 45% - no box) - $25
Lalique - Encre Noire (100ml, 90%) - $25
Mugler - Alien Man (50ml, 95% - no box) - $25
Phlur - Moab (50ml, 95%) - $35
Prada Luna Rossa Black (50ml, 40% - no box) - $35
V&R - Spicebomb Fresh (90ml, 50% - no box) - $35
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2021.10.25 19:15 berserker9921 Is this a bug or something?

Is this a bug or something? submitted by berserker9921 to GenshinImpactTips [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 19:15 Lordblood08 ‼️ SatoshiCrypto.Finance is Here ‼️ The Pancakeswap killer , Don`t miss the presale ‼️ Vegas Billboard starting 1 november , don`t be late 👌

Satoshicrypto.Finance: DEX with own router , First NFTs with Usecase in BSC ,BSC Charts, Presale Hosting Dapp , Staking and Farming , NFT market place , NFT game and play to earn and more to come .
Welcome to your first unlimited usecase token and your "one stop shop" for BSC ! SatoshiCrypto.Finance
⚡️⚡️⚡️ 5 NFTs with real use cases , whoever buys one get 0.1% from all SatoshiCrypto transactions for life ,
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⚡️ Pre sale platform implemented and our 75k+ holders will benefit by getting 50% of that revenue .
⚡️ Huge marketing budget .
⚡️ 30k holders to 75k holders will get incentives from the NFT games without playing .
🚀 Tech Rate Audited : https://github.com/TechRate/Smart-Contract-Audits/blob/main/SeptembeSatoshi.pdf
🚀 Lead developer with over 10 years experience in crypto and ex. robotic engineer.
🚀 Anti hack for the front end of the platform , in the eventuallity of the front end beeing hacked , you will still be able to sale .
🚀 Oracle price . This is a feature that our developer build in over 2 years and implemented in the code , so the token will have an extra protection for heavy dumping . The code will analize the volume , selling pressure , buying pressure and other aspects .
🚀 Telegram : https://t.me/satoshicryptofinance
🚀 Website : satoshicrypto.finance
🚀 Contract Address: 0xA94Bc875F7A0BbF9e21fA86033a777104b0D9c95 🚀 Chain: BSC
🌍 1% On Chain Referral Program
🌍 4% Market Wallet
🌍 1% transfer tax rate, 20% of the 1% Transfer Tax will be burned immediately
⚡️ Price for Satoshi Pre Sale: 7 250 Satoshi per 1 BNB https://presale.satoshicrypto.finance/#/
Max buy - 10 BNB
Min buy - 0.02 BNB
🌍 A 4% deposit fee will be charged when users enter staking on Satoshicrypto, unlike other yield farms, we don't plan to use the deposit fee to buy back and burn. It's a waste of money. Instead, we will redistribute the 3% deposit fee to Satoshicrypto holders to encourage holding.
🌍 An on-chain referral program has been implemented to incentivize users to invite friends to join the farming. Inviters can earn 1% of his/her friends' earnings forever.
GitHub (https://github.com/TechRate/Smart-Contract-Audits/blob/main/SeptembeSatoshi.pdf) Smart-Contract-Audits/Satoshi.pdf at main · TechRate/Smart-Contract-Audits Smart Contract security audit reports. Contribute to Tec
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2021.10.25 19:15 phillipL41 Getting into the Halloween spirit

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2021.10.25 19:15 Deepmech Bad experiences here

UTA makes me feel lonely af; I’m actually a pretty social guy; although i prefer to hangout with people of similar interests;
Recently someone stole my stuff from the MAC gym locker (!), utapd just gave up; being an international student, i feel unwelcome here; something is wrong in the air here
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2021.10.25 19:15 qwerty120890 Visiting from the US. What are some tips on currency? Do most places accept credit cards?

I know I should probably always have cash on hand. Are ATMs very accessible throughout the city?
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2021.10.25 19:15 YHef2BeMad FALL COLLECTABLES COME IN CLUTCH! Now the hard part of deciding who to take is here… lemme know your thoughts!

FALL COLLECTABLES COME IN CLUTCH! Now the hard part of deciding who to take is here… lemme know your thoughts! submitted by YHef2BeMad to NHLHUT [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 19:15 randalljhen Ahah, ahaha, a Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! WITNESS ME

Ahah, ahaha, a Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! WITNESS ME submitted by randalljhen to Superstonk [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 19:15 TTV_decoyminoy It’s uhhhhhhhhh….

It’s uhhhhhhhhh…. submitted by TTV_decoyminoy to HolUp [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 19:15 unclesam1919 IYKYK! Baltimore joint was with it! Don’t know if she still out here

IYKYK! Baltimore joint was with it! Don’t know if she still out here submitted by unclesam1919 to DMVInfamous [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 19:15 randalf70 Steve’s new US shows

New concert dates in the US were announced. I can’t believe it, Steve is going to be playing the Seconds Out show about 4 miles from my house in Akron! I am definitely going.
Ticketmaster says there is a presale, but I can't find mention of a code on Steve's website. Anyone know about a code?
submitted by randalf70 to Genesis [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 19:15 Charming_Sheepherder Self hosted, Failed to send Loop back

Im not sure if Ive trouble shot this enough but looking for input.
It seems that if I create a reverse alias and copy and paste it directly into protonmail it attempts to send the message from myemail@protonmail ---> Myalias@protonmail --x---> ( blocked) reverse destination
Its failing because its trying to loop back to the starting point.

But if I paste it into notepad and remove the "Person | @ location" and the leading trailing <>
and just post the ra+jdshfkfhsfhdjkfhskjf.alias.com
It send fine.
It also happens when replying. I have to remove the address and manually replace it.
Any ideas?
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2021.10.25 19:15 ContentForager Banks being bailed out by Barack Obama's Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, United States . (/r/fakehistoryporn)

Banks being bailed out by Barack Obama's Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, United States . (/fakehistoryporn) submitted by ContentForager to mistyfront [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 19:15 Hennesey10 There’s a few trillion dollar companies in the world. However there’s only 1 crypto with a trillion dollar market cap. I think it’s time we make doge the second coin with a trillion dollar market cap. Go out and work the corners to get some doge money

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2021.10.25 19:15 Kaikanae Could I please get some feedback on the first chapter of a sci-fi comedy? (2200 words)

Hey all,
I've started the writing of a new sci-fi/comedy. The intention is for this book to be very light on sci-fi jargon and instead be quite an easy comedy read for people that aren't normally into sci-fi (it is about alien high school students leaving their class behind and exploring earth). So hopefully it is sci-fi enough for you guys to allow the post here. No worries if not.
Thanks :)
Every student looks forward to a field trip. It’s a small break in an otherwise monotonous school life. It’s a chance to learn. Though, most importantly, it’s a chance to fuck around with your mates.
The most mischievous mates often come in pairs. Because trios have too much sense and too much diplomatic power. Whereas a pair of mates can align their troublesome thoughts to such an impressive extent that they become just one powerful troublemaker.
Which is exactly what happened to two life-long friends named Florp and Doop.
These two outside the box thinkers only had one more assignment to complete in order to graduate. And today was the big day.
‘All aboard,’ said Geep. “Florp. Doop. Don’t you even think about it.’
‘Think about what?’ asked Florp.
Florp was always the first to speak his mind. Which often got him into trouble. Doop preferred to watch on and observe life.
‘You know the rules, Florp,’ said Geep. ‘No pressing any buttons.’
‘You mean like a metaphorical button or a literal button?’ asked Florp.
‘Just get on the ship and don’t touch a thing. This is merely an observational trip.’
Doop pushed Florp through the door and into the ship before he could speak again.
‘Sorry about him, Mr Geep,’ said Doop. ‘I’ll keep him in check.’
Geep rolled his eyes.
Over their years of friendship, Florp and Doop had developed an ability to talk their way into trouble, and then straight out of it. Sure, they could just avoid trouble altogether. But where’s the fun in that?
Florp and Doop made their way straight to the back of the ship. They were far away from the observational windows at the front, but that didn’t concern them. They weren’t planning on doing much observing. Not from the ship, anyway.
The other students tried their best to avoid Florp and Doop. They knew they were trouble. Once everyone was seated Geep stood at the front of the ship and addressed everyone, though most of his gaze was directed toward the back of the spaceship.
‘You all know the rules,’ said Geep. ‘Follow them. You’re far too old to still be needing to be told that. Stay in the observation area. Make sure you fill out your information logs. You’ve all spent years studying stories about this place and these people. Now you finally get to see them up close. Well, from above. Make the most of it.’
Florp and Doop nodded along with Geep. The moment he finished speaking, the two of them began phase one of their plan. They watched the other staff members carefully as they pressed buttons and pulled levers, closed doors and started engines.
They both had limited experience with ships, particularly this newer model. They watched on intently. And Geep watched them intently.
One staff member walked past Doop and down a ladder.
Doop didn’t even need to tell Florp. Florp knew it was his time to shine. He unbuckled his seatbelt and moved toward Geep who was ready to launch a verbal tirade.
Florp feigned interest at the observation deck controls, insisting that Geep explain how they work before they depart.
‘I’m a dedicated student, Mr Geep,’ said Florp. ‘You know that. It’d be a real shame for you to not provide a student of yours with knowledge when they request it. Didn’t you swear an oath or something?’
Geep sighed. He looked at the other students who looked eager to learn. Geep rolled his eyes and turned toward the complex switch boards.
‘What does that button do?’ asked Florp. ‘And what about that one?’
While the class were huddled around the observation deck, Doop snuck down the same ladder that he saw the staff member go down. He arrived in a hallway; each side lined with a dozen doors.
He opened the first door. A storage room. Not what he wanted.
He opened the second door. A toilet. Not what he wanted.
After another four failed attempts, finally Doop found it. The seventh door opened into a small room. Within this room was a large door which led into an airlock, which led to an escape pod.
Doop closed the door and made his way back toward the ladder, back toward Florp. Though he was immediately confronted by the staff member who he had followed down there.
‘What are you doing down here?’ asked the staff member.
‘Learning,’ said Doop.
The staff member narrowed his eyes. ‘You aren’t supposed to be down here.’
‘Learning,’ said Doop.
‘Learning what?’ asked the staff member.
Doop shrugged. ‘Learning.’
Doop wasn’t quite as good at talking his way out of trouble as Florp, so he often had to use a different tactic - pretend to be a fucking idiot.
‘Why aren’t you up there learning with the rest of them?’ asked the staff member.
‘Learning. Learning down here. Not learning up there. Learning down here.’
‘Yes. I see that.’
To continue the charade Doop opened a door, clearly not giving a fuck that he was being watched. Doop peered inside the storage room like an idiot.
‘Learning,’ he whispered.
‘Just get back up to the observation deck. We’re about to leave.’
Doop did his best to walk like an idiot and even climb the ladder like an idiot, missing steps and making strange grunting noises while doing so.
The staff member didn’t follow Doop.
Florp was mid conversation when Doop arrived. Doop nodded.
Florp finished the conversation and thanked Geep for the knowledge. Geep still looked confused about it all even when everyone had returned to their seats. He knew Florp was up to something but Florp’s enthusiasm sowed a small seed of doubt in Geep’s mind.
Geep watched Florp and Doop closely while the ship disembarked. The two mates kept their heads down, reading their textbooks intently. Though this did serve as a way of defusing any suspicion Geep may have had, they did also genuinely enjoy the study.
Though they normally hate book work, today was different. They wanted to refresh their theoretical knowledge before diving into the practical. They couldn’t wait.
Eventually Geep gave up his vigil and went to work.
And so did Florp and Doop.
‘Did you find it?’ asked Florp.
Doop nodded. ‘Seventh door.’
‘And the escape pod was there?’ asked Florp.
Doop nodded.
‘And what of the security?’ asked Florp.
‘He is an idiot. I just told him that I was learning.’
‘No,’ said Florp. ‘What is the security device for the escape hatch door? What are we dealing with here? Fingerprints? Eye scanner? Voice recognition?’
‘Oh,’ said Doop. ‘I forgot to check that.’
Florp sighed. ‘We'll have to assume it’s opened by voice recognition. That’s how Geep opened the main door.’
The two had done their best to perfect their impression of Geep’s voice over the last few years, aware that this situation may arise. Geep spoke with a strange inflection toward the end of each sentence as though he was perpetually asking a question.
Though they both thought they had mastered the impersonation it soon became apparent that they had not because neither of them sounded anything like each other.
‘Maybe we don’t even need Geep’s voice,’ said Doop. ‘Maybe we can use one of the other staff members.’
Florp nodded. ‘We just may have to. But for now, let’s go talk to Geep. Let’s see if we can mimic his voice any better.’
The two of them pushed their way through the other students, all with their heads in their books, toward the observation window where Geep stood, staring outward. He was unable to resist rolling his eyes when he saw the two approach.
‘What do you want?’ asked Geep.
Florp paid close attention to the way Geep spoke. Maybe too much attention. Geep began to look concerned at the length of time it was taking Florp to respond.
‘I...uh...what do you want?’ asked Florp. His stomach sank the moment the words came out of his mouth.
Geep didn’t reply. His huge eyes just moved back and forth between Florp and Doop. He looked both concerned and completely over their shit.
‘Nice ship you’ve got here,’ said Doop. ‘Be a shame if someone were to break into it.’
Geep narrowed his eyes. ‘It...sure would be. Yes.’
Geep looked at Doop’s mouth which was gently moving in the same pattern that Geep’s just did.
‘Go and sit down,’ said Geep. ‘Sit down and shut up. We’ve got another six hours to go. If I don’t see your faces again for those six hours I’ll be a very happy man.’
‘Where are we going again?’ asked Florp.
Geep looked like he’d rather leap out of the ship than continue talking to these idiots.
‘I’ve forgotten most of what you’ve taught us,’ continued Florp. ‘I think you need to spend the six hours explaining it to us again.’
Geep sighed. Florp smiled. He knew he had got him. They’d be able to pay close attention for six hours and then master their impersonations.
Geep leant forward. ‘Fuck. Off.’
‘Oh,’ said Florp. ‘Uh. I didn’t think you were allowed to swear at us.’
Geep turned away, back toward the observation windows and controls.
The two returned to their seats. Some of their classmates giggled as they walked past.
‘What now?’ asked Doop.
‘We’ll just have to hope that my impersonation is good enough, I guess,’ said Florp.
‘Yours? But mine is more accurate.’
The two agreed to disagree. They decided that their best option lay with the staff member down the ladder. Instead of mimicking a voice, they’d need to use the staff member’s voice directly.
But they couldn’t possibly go down for another recon mission. That would be far too suspicious. Instead they would need to open the escape hatch and escape at the same time.
They spent the next six hours reading their textbooks. Their textbooks held very limited knowledge about their destination, though. There had only ever been a few of these observation trips and each of them were from quite a distance, like this one was supposed to be.
‘There it is,’ shouted a classmate. ‘It’s within sight.’
The entire class flocked toward the observation window.
Though they were tempted to get a glimpse for themselves, Florp and Doop snuck down the ladder instead. There would be plenty of time for observing soon enough.
They quickly made their way toward the seventh door and shut it behind them. Both were too excited to be excited. Instead they were calm.
Before resorting to using the staff member, they each tried their Geep impersonation. They remembered to use the same inflection that made things sound like questions. They leant in close toward the voice recognition detector.
‘Open?’ said Florp. ‘Open now? Door open? Be open? Be the opposite of closed?’
Nothing. Doop also didn’t have any luck. Instead a big red light flashed with every failed attempt.
A frustrated Florp gave up and walked away, muttering. While he muttered Doop noticed that the red light continued to flash, even when Florp was quite some distance away. That gave him an idea.
Florp stayed behind while Doop made his way into the hallway, leaving the door ajar slightly behind him.
Doop made strange noises which crept down the hallway and under each door. After a few moments, one of the distant doors flew open. Out stepped the same staff member as before.
‘You again?’ asked the staff member.
‘Learning,’ said Doop.
‘Get back up the ladder. We have arrived. Get up there and Geep will show you to your own personal observation station. You can use a telescope to do your learning.’
‘Learning,’ said Doop.
The staff member sighed. He made his way toward Doop.
‘You’re a slow learner,’ said the staff member.
Doop turned his head and moved his ear closer toward the staff member, feigning poor hearing.
‘Get. Up. Ladder. Now,’ said the staff member loudly.
Doop continued to act as though he couldn’t hear. The staff member continued to approach until he was within touching distance. Doop pointed to the seventh door, which was still ajar.
‘Door closed,’ said Doop.
‘No,’ shouted the staff member. ‘DOOR OPEN.’
A loud clunk was heard. The escape hatch door had just opened. The staff member’s eyes widened as he realized what just happened.
Doop punched him in the face. And then again.
While the staff member reeled backward Doop ran through the seventh door. Florp was already sitting in the two-man escape pod. Doop ran through the airlock and leapt into the passenger seat. Before Doop could even buckle up Florp pressed the biggest button he could find. The escape pod detached and began to drift away from the mothership. Away from Geep. Away from safety.
Toward planet Earth.
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2021.10.25 19:15 GoBigBlue777 2022 Honda Civic makes a weird clicking noise when braking or going over a bump?

Anyone have any idea why this might be? Google said the brake pads might be worn, but there’s no way that’s possible. Literally just got the car. Thanks!
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2021.10.25 19:15 Puzzleheaded_Tale_30 Newbie Question

I would like to try out this league after a long break and I wanted to play Bleed Bow Gladiator, but I'm not sure if this build is okay in 3.16 and there's seems to be really few guides up to date on YouTube due to massive skill tree rework.
What do you guys think?
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2021.10.25 19:15 EyeVee4 Forklift in the mist. After 15+ years of sales/management, my wife finally convinced me to take a voluntary demotion and less money. I have never been happier to go to work.

Forklift in the mist. After 15+ years of sales/management, my wife finally convinced me to take a voluntary demotion and less money. I have never been happier to go to work. submitted by EyeVee4 to MadeMeSmile [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 19:15 Kasteriaa Anyone want black roses?

12 black roses to the first 4 people to comment.🌹
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2021.10.25 19:15 Bigmike07504 Biome 4 was trash.. easy boss fight..beat on 2 try..i kind of missed starting out in biome 1 and getting my ass kicked..it was definitely harder..biome 5 here i come

Biome 4 was trash.. easy boss fight..beat on 2 try..i kind of missed starting out in biome 1 and getting my ass kicked..it was definitely harder..biome 5 here i come submitted by Bigmike07504 to Returnal [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 19:15 kaylanicoler Changed fill valve in one toilet, now toilet in other room overflowed onto the floor

Does it make sense for this to happen? Basically our toilet stopped filling up so we replaced the fill valve by turning water off and then back on after it was replaced. Everything worked fine. Then our roommates woke up to their bathroom being flooded with water all over the floor. Not full in the tank, but the bowl overflowed. Not sure how this could've happened.
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2021.10.25 19:15 LupinTheDog A way to play VNs on a modded 3ds?

I've been searching and I get a lot of hits for a DS version of a visual novel reader but I only get dead links for that, is there any visual novel emulator for DS/3DS out there you guys know of? Thanks in advance!
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2021.10.25 19:15 junyl_yangide A few sets to regift, as well as Argyle socks. Drop your FC to claim.

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2021.10.25 19:15 readinghall Anyone in NY looking for a best friend? Zena is desperately looking for a home.

Anyone in NY looking for a best friend? Zena is desperately looking for a home. submitted by readinghall to pitbulls [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 19:15 illfindyouagain Gotta love Texas!

Gotta love Texas! submitted by illfindyouagain to Bumperstickers [link] [comments]