probably tryna get me to extend my warranty

2021.10.25 19:31 invertedparadX probably tryna get me to extend my warranty

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2021.10.25 19:31 Medium-Grapefruit-86 What’s your comfort/goto movie or tv show?

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2021.10.25 19:31 FunnyPales The story of Ronald, and the joy we all felt when he was able to finally get out of bed.

Not sure if this qualifies for a true “redemption reward” since I’m not aware of whether or not he posted the same vile anti-vaccine rhetoric as the majority of the intelligentsia in this group. I had initially posted this in conspiracy to promote the vaccine, but of course it got deleted. Thought I’d share here anyway.
Ronald (not his real name) is a Haitian-Creole man in his late 30’s. He didn’t believe that he needed the vaccine, because it was “too new”. He moved from Haiti to Florida in 2016, and has been working as a clerk at a local gas station since then. He moved with his wife and 2 elementary aged children.
About 3 months ago, Ronald began to feel really, really tired. He thought it was just a lack of sleep, or maybe something he had eaten that didn’t really agree with him. He went to work anyway, and pushed through. By the end of the day, he felt as though he’d run an 8 mile marathon in the sweltering Florida humidity, and crashed in bed once he got home. The next morning, he woke up with a temperature of 103 degrees Fahrenheit. His body felt like it had been trampled on by a combination of hammers and nails and wooden planks. He decided to go the ER.
Ronald tested positive for COVID-19. Because of his high fever, he was severely dehydrated, and his kidneys were badly damaged. He was admitted to the hospital for fluid resuscitation, though luckily at this time, the virus had not affected his lungs. Yet.
It took about two days to properly treat Ronald’s kidney injury. Unfortunately, by that time, he had begun to develop symptoms of dyspnea (or shortness of breath). He needed supplementation with 5 liters of oxygen through a nasal cannula, to maintain proper oxygen levels. At this point, he was started on steroids.
Unfortunately, despite the steroids, his chest X-rays continued to look worse and worse. The lungs appeared whiter and whiter on each morning, with increasing inflammation. He had to be transitioned to a non-rebreathing mask at 15 liters of oxygen, and then a high flow nasal cannula at 40 liters of oxygen, and then ultimately, he was escalated to the BiPAP mask.
Ronald could not handle the BiPAP mask for very long, because he felt claustrophobic wearing such a large, and uncomfortable device on his face. He was asked to lie on his belly for at least 16-18 hours a day, but due to a prior car accident, he had a bad back, and couldn’t do it for quite so long. Especially with the BiPAP.
At this point, the next step was intubation. Ronald agreed. Unfortunately, his lungs had been so progressively damaged by this point in time, that even 100% oxygen, with high pressures and high volumes could not maintain an adequate arterial oxygenation. His heart began to show signs of protein leakage from the low oxygen levels. His kidneys became damaged yet again. There was concern that not enough oxygen was getting to his brain, or to the rest of his tissues. Ronald was dying.
The next step at this point was to put him on (venovenous) ECMO, or extracorporeal membrane oxygenation. This is a last ditch ‘hail mary’ with, in essence, an artificial lung providing oxygen to your bloodstream. It requires cannulation (or insertion) of large tubes, about the diameter of a garden hose, through the internal jugular vein of the neck, and the femoral vein in the groin. You’re also started on blood thinners to prevent clotting within the tubes. This of course, increases the risk of intracranial bleeding or hemorrhage within the gastrointestinal tract. Luckily he didn’t suffer either.
Ronald remained on ECMO for about 7 days, before his oxygen levels improved to an adequate degree. He was decannulated, but remained on the ventilator regardless, as he was failing to breath at a safe rate on his own, despite daily trials. At this point, the decision was made to pursue tracheostomy — or an incision through the neck, directly into the trachea, so the ventilator can be attached directly into the windpipe (rather than invasively, down the throat).
Ronald remained on the ventilator (via the tracheostomy) for about 64 days. He underwent multiple pulse doses of various steroids for fibrosis of the lung, antibiotics for superimposed bacterial pneumonias, and a bloodstream infection. But he eventually made it off the ventilator. By the end of the 64 days, approximately 50 of which he remained in bed — he had lost 60 pounds. He had no muscle, and no strength left. He could barely wiggle his toes from the severe deconditioning.
Fortunately, he had a team of physical therapists and nurses to help assist him, with mobility training and bedside exercises. Lifting his arms, lifting his legs, flexing, extending, outward, inward, initially with assistance, and then finally, very weakly, he was able to move his limbs on his own.
Ronald was considered a miracle to the medical team — the team of respiratory therapists that drew his blood every morning, and adjusted his ventilator settings. The team of nurses that cleaned the gelatinous secretions from his eyes, and suctioned his mouth to clear the mucous buildup. The team of nurses that changed his bag of urine, and changed his bag of stool every day. The nurses that cleaned his body, and shifted his weight to prevent bedsores. He was considered a miracle to the doctors that communicated with Ronald’s wife every morning, telling her about his daily ups and downs. The ones that felt grief with every step back, and hope with every sign of improvement.
And today, Ronald got out of bed. He had a team of his favorite nurses surrounding him. His doctors standing back as 3-4 people assisted him from turning left, swinging his legs from the edge of the bed to the floor. This took about 6-7 minutes, because even the slightest change in position caused him to feel lightheaded, and the tubes connected to his neck were carefully watched to prevent disconnection.
But once he got out of bed, and was able to be transitioned into the black recliner at his bedside, every medical professional in that room, including myself, felt joy. We felt accomplished.
Hopefully he gets to leave this place and go home some day soon. I asked him the other day, and he’s going to get the vaccine as soon as he’s able, and he’s going to recommend it to anyone who will listen.
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2021.10.25 19:31 FritzPanther What's a good way too find fake breasts.

Hello, I just recently joined and just recently come to terms with how I feel and I wish to present myself to others with how I want to dress. I wanted to know where I could find/buy fake breasts I've seen people say Amazon has good selection, but I don't really know what I am supposed to look for when it comes to this stuff. I'm generally a smaller build so I don't know if that factors into what I should and shouldn't use. I'm fine with not using fake breasts but a part of me feels that I would feel more comfortable if I wore fake breasts out for when I go out in public. Any information is greatly appreciated, Thank You.
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2021.10.25 19:31 TheDarkWayne Halloween for kids 🎃

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2021.10.25 19:31 DeMitreN Somehow now everytime I go to the MIDI editor the quantization is automatically set on events instead of grid. Apparently I did something that changed this. Is there anyway to change it back?

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2021.10.25 19:31 geekingoff Supplements/nootropics for dopaminergic recovery

Hello. Currently looking for substances to aid in recovery following stimulant use.
The most promising from my research are as follows: 9-Me-BC, bromantane, citicoline, sulbutiamine, and inositol. I’ve had my eye on some others such as uridine and BPC-157 but I’m not as confident in the potential for those.
Any recommendations? Anecdotal evidence for the efficacy of any of these? Thanks in advance!
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2021.10.25 19:31 urabitchh Take and hold not working

Ever since the new alpha update, whenever I launch take and hold I start without a table and starting items, or even a wrist compass. I've tried different seeds and characters but still the same thing. I haven't seen anyone on here post about it, and one person on the steam page posted about a similar thing after they die in take and hold. Anyone know how to fix this? I've validated the files, and have no mods. Thanks
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2021.10.25 19:31 mogflex almost there tomorrow will be the last meme of the 7 day streak (6/7)

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2021.10.25 19:31 Priestahh-MyFather- Some pics I got from last nights show. First in line at 4pm and was on the barricade all night. Shit was so worth it

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2021.10.25 19:31 Awesome_Freebies Aisle Rebates Is Open to New User Again! - Good Cashback Deals

The rebate company Aisle has opened again for new users! (previously waitlist only). I've been using this for a few months now and it has some great deals! I've gotten so much free food pairing Aisle with Ibotta since the offers frequently overlap. The best part is that you can do the deals once a week until they are removed (some stay for months). It does take a few days to get the cash back.
Its different because it's not an app. It is done through texting (text a pic of the receipt) and the payout is through Venmo so you must have a Venmo account.
They are currently running a promo until October 31st for some items with increased payouts.
A few of the deals I'm doing:
Roar Organic - Acme has 3 for $5. You get $1.50 back per bottle from Aisle. So almost free.
Barnana Bites - I got 3 of these for free today using Aisle + Ibotta. The offer is valid on Ibotta in multiple stores so check it out. I did it at Wegmans ($2 off per bag from Aisle and $2 off per bag from Ibotta with cost of $4 a bag = free)
Athletic Brewing - Sold for $10 at local liquor store, get $10 back. Had to pay a little in tax
MILK Truffles - Whole foods - I bought the last chance offer choc chip flavor for 1.87 and got $1.50 back
Good Culture Cottage Cheese Cups - Bought 3 at Target (25% off with Target Circle), submitted to Ibotta for $1 off 3 and 50 cents a cup on Aisle which made this very cheap (86 cents for 3).
I will be posting more super cheap or freebie deals in the future.
Here is my link:
Aisle Sign Up Link
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2021.10.25 19:31 DreGu90 If “Star Wars” movies all exist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, then Spider-Man would have also probably seen Star Wars’ The Last Jedi too but never talked about it onscreen because it’s polarizing.

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2021.10.25 19:31 Caityb_99 Poor Tiffany!

Does anyone remember the stories whee Casey literally gropes and sexually assaults poor Tiffany when she is sleeping! I remember this on jknews i think but apparently they spoke of it on big mood does anyone know the episode?
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2021.10.25 19:31 ajanedoeofjanedoes Today I am 11 years free of brain cancer and I owe it all to my mom.

Without her, I never would have had the cancer.
Without her, I never would have had to realize the cancer.
Without her, I never would have learned I needed to develop the strength within me to be free of the cancer.
Without her, the brain cancer that she created but couldn't destroy, I am living. Perhaps not yet my best life, but absolutely with the strength to do so.
Much to you, mom.
Our interview at
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2021.10.25 19:31 dogplantmom Little snek recently ate his/her first meal with me. I’m a proud snake mom

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2021.10.25 19:31 JaDagAd21 Halloween costume stores in the NL?

I really need to find a wolf onseie for Halloween and can't find anything in the NL. I know it isn't a highly celebrated holiday compared to the US/UK but does anyone know any places in the NL that sell costumes online or in store? Amazon, eBay and Bol had nothing :(
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2021.10.25 19:31 femgo27 Oportunidade de trabalho freelance com futebol

Prezados, boa noite.
Eu sou supervisor de uma empresa do ramo de dados estatísticos de eventos esportivos, chamada SportsModule.
Nós estamos precisando, em algumas regiões do país, de pessoas para o papel de Scout, que consiste em coletar dados em tempo real de jogos de futebol dentro estádio. Trata-se um trabalho freelance de tempo parcial em que o colaborador vai receber por partida que ele cobrir mais o reembolso da viagem e do ingresso. O valor pela partida não posso colocar publicamente, mas se quiser saber antes de se candidatar me mande um chat/mensagem privado.
Um flyer da empresa pode ser acessado aqui
A pessoa que tiver interesse, caso for escolhida, receberá todo o treinamento necessário para desempenhar a função.
Os requerimentos são:
- Bom nível de inglês (preferencialmente)
- Bom conhecimento de futebol (obrigatoriamente)
- Ter pelo menos 18 anos (obrigatoriamente)
Para se candidatar, acesse ao site:
Fiquem à vontade para se candidatar de qualquer lugar do Brasil, mas os seguintes estados/cidades precisamos de Scouts com mais urgência:
MG (Uberlândia, Governador Valadares, Ipatinga)
RS (Santa Maria, Bagé, Rio Grande, São Gabriel, Erechim, Passo Fundo)
MT (estado todo)
MS (estado todo)
PR (Cascável, Pato Branco)
ES (estado todo)
Estou a disposição para responder dúvidas nos comentários dessa thread ou me enviando uma mensagem privada aqui no Reddit.
Há alguns meses eu postei sobre essa oportunidade na comunidade R futebol e tivemos várias candidaturas e algumas pessoas estão trabalhando com a gente agora.
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2021.10.25 19:31 Lagmaster4life sexually eats apple

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2021.10.25 19:31 BeyondTheBeats Who were your top 3 sets at EDC?

Mine were:
1) Joyryde DnB set 2) Malaa 3) Bleu Clair
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2021.10.25 19:31 praha_the_botv #ラブライブ! ことほのうみちゃん - ほとりのイラスト ことりちゃんの誕生日に描いていた絵です この3人がずっとだいすき♡

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2021.10.25 19:31 getreferral Rakuten Referral : Free $30 purchase at any store of your choice. Sign up with Rakuten and get a $30 sign up bonus. (Paypal or Check) when you make a purchase of $30 or more at any store online. Rakuten gives you cash back when you shop.

Rakuten Referral : Free $30 purchase at any store of your choice. Sign up with Rakuten and get a $30 sign up bonus. (Paypal or Check) when you make a purchase of $30 or more at any store online. Rakuten gives you cash back when you shop. submitted by getreferral to referralcodes [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 19:31 Potential_Ad_2550 Plea For Help

This is a message.
I'm quitting. Writing and self-publishing has made me depressed, and before I go and wrap up my final book, I would like to shout this out into the void with the hopes some people will go and check out my novels, novellas and poetry. I have done all I could, and, now, I'm done. Below I will put the titles of my works and where you can find them. Writing is my life. I care so deeply about literature, but no one cares about my work, and it hurts. I don't want help. I don't want sympathy. I just want people to read what I bled my soul into. THIS is my hail mary. I'm not in danger of myself, I'm just done writing because the lack of an audience reallyyyyyy makes me depressed, and I know it is safest for me to walk away, find something new. So! Here my books and poetry collections. Please go check them out.
Like I'm Looking At A Missing Person Poster- Nicholas Leonard
In The Harvests Of Nowhere- Nicholas Leonard
Nicholas Leonard In A Stairwell- Nicholas Leonard
Soliloquies From My Mansion On The Moon- Nicholas Leonard
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2021.10.25 19:31 Erestyn Oh nooo Gigi

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2021.10.25 19:31 frostflowericewing scp 173 has breached containment

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2021.10.25 19:31 sleepy0_oboii I’m in my digital media class but wtf is this kid making?

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