Hello friends, any suggestions for arena 9 !!

2021.10.25 20:22 elrazky Hello friends, any suggestions for arena 9 !!

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2021.10.25 20:22 Agentfrenchfy How can God be inclusive when He has banished Adam and Eve from the Garden for their sin, told Noah and his family to be the only ones on that boat, killed Nadab and Abihu for casting strange fire, told the Israelites to kill everyone in His land, etc.

Genesis 3: 23-24 Genesis 7: 1 Leviticus 10: 1-3 Deuteronomy 7: 1-6 Malachi 3:6 Revelation 7:9
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2021.10.25 20:22 SoaR_Blxze Fastest ways to get travellers pledge and compass rose?

I have heard that using ‘upgrade rare’ in the cube is the fastest i just want to double check if this is still the best way?
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2021.10.25 20:22 Comfortable-Rub-8111 New gem , now trending dextools diginu

Guys , check this out , 11 zeroes to kill and already trending on dextools , cmc listed already . Buy before too late
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2021.10.25 20:22 thepanicclubx What do you regret selling for drug money the most?

Prior to my addiction I had tons of music equipment, including vintage gear. An 80s ensoniq ESQ-1 synthesizer, 80s Roland JC-120 amp (which has doubled in value since I sold it), a vintage Stratocaster, Taylor acoustic, numerous pedals, etc…I’m slowly rebuilding my collection now that I’m clean but god does it hurt to think about. Also, my best friends drum set which caused him to cut all ties with me after a decade of being brothers (one of the biggest reasons I got clean).
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2021.10.25 20:22 bloodredcookie A Daily X-Men panel in chronological order. This one from X-Men (second series) 32

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2021.10.25 20:22 iphonespyz Barefoot river crossing

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2021.10.25 20:22 richgate Missed out on career path people and aspergers

Forgive me for intruding. It seams that people who went through life without clear career path, who did not stick to a job to earn a professionalism are in some weird way similar to aspergers people. They have a lot of life experience that no employer can put their finger on to hire them, yet there is a lot of experience in dealing with people, learning different skills on different jobs. Same with aspergers having a lot of thoughts, knowledge and ways to express themselves that are versatile and rich, but yet not easily connectable to regular person way of thinking or communicating. The value is there, a huge value, but there is no known way to access this value, leading to one side bottling it down, and the other missing out on it. What do you think? Is it how it feels for you?
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2021.10.25 20:22 RadagastGreenleaf What am I missing in the fight against [SPOILER]?

For whatever reason I can't make it past the first phase of the Raven Beak fight. I'm at the point where he's glowing golden and I need to counter him, which I've done over and over and over.
Half of the time he taunts, I walk up to him, and he does nothing at all. The other half I'll land two consecutive counter animations, then he'll pause and lose his golden glow momentarily. Am I supposed to be doing something specific at this moment? I've tried regular blaster and missiles in this moment but he just awkwardly pauses and returns to glowing golden again, then repeating the same old moveset.
Am I missing a counter? I'm really at a loss for what to do and nothing in the game seems to indicate what I need to do to progress past this phase. I'm getting frustrated because I've perfected his first phase to the point where I'm not even taking damage, but the required counter is preventing me from getting any further.
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2021.10.25 20:22 RL-thedude Hit and run while parked - semi truck

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2021.10.25 20:22 strik3r2k8 500 Days of Summer is the most millennial movie I’ve seen.

Basically a glimpse of our generation. I look back on it and damn. Sort of didn’t realize it that we were young. Now alot of us are in our 30s wondering where the fuck the time went.
Side note, I also connected with it because I live in LA, love downtown and and ya, a girl had me losing my mind in the early 2010s.
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2021.10.25 20:22 kappakingtut2 Okay, lesson learned, no more tomatoes of any kind for any reason ever

I still haven't figured out my trigger foods. But tomatoes have long been on the list of suspects. Did my best to cut them out. But still on occasion make a few exceptions. Such as sauces made by the company Fody. Or sun-dried tomatoes.
But I think it's the sun-dried tomatoes I had last night is what's causing my problems now. Second time I've had this reaction following the same recipe. Everything else I've used in this I've used in other dishes and it turned out fine. So the tomatoes are the only stand out ingredient.
I'm just ranting and rambling because I'm frustrated that my list of trigger foods seem to keep growing
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2021.10.25 20:22 fionahb Sade - I Couldn't Love You More

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2021.10.25 20:22 justin151101 What should i Upgrade?

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2021.10.25 20:22 aphelions_ghost Tips for winterizing my plants?

I've got two potted pepper plants, a Burpee bananarama and a Burpee mocha swirl (which apparently might actually be a fish pepper, but I digress). I have never grown a vegetable before in my life and I've got no clue how I've managed to keep them alive despite being a chronic succulent and cactus killer, but I really want them to keep growing. I've heard that the best way to do this in the colder months is to winterize them.
Now, I know I could just google this, and I'm still going to, but I find you get a lot more useful information from other people and their personal experiences. Does anyone have any tips or important information for winterizing indoor, potted peppers?
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2021.10.25 20:22 AKArein GOOOOOOOOOOOOdnight

I hope ya'll will be doing great tomorow
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2021.10.25 20:22 Vaudane Why do we keep facing large squads in 2-man-squad mode?

Watching kill cams and its continually teams of 3 and 4 even though I've selected 2 man squad. What's going on?
Fairly new player so apologies if I've asked something silly.
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2021.10.25 20:22 1mavstone Bill Cipher VS Discord (Gravity Falls VS My Little Pony)

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2021.10.25 20:22 cyclinginvancouver Air Canada introduces COVID self-testing option for customers | Globalnews.ca

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2021.10.25 20:22 2eZCarnage H: Halloween Plans W: caps

Alien jacko x2 Classic jacko x2 Happy jacko x2 Vault boy jacko Vault door jacko x2 Scarecrows x4 Half full pumpkin rack x2 Half empty pumpkin rack x2 Grim reaper cut out x3
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2021.10.25 20:22 2x-Dragon Wrys is terrorizing HoF

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2021.10.25 20:22 Rude_Committee_837 Manager coercing covid+ employees to come into work, and told them on the phone not to get the test so they could just come back to work. They did anyways for safety. Peep the dates on the text message and on the test results.

Manager coercing covid+ employees to come into work, and told them on the phone not to get the test so they could just come back to work. They did anyways for safety. Peep the dates on the text message and on the test results. submitted by Rude_Committee_837 to antiwork [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 20:22 futuristic_flea (Summon)(PS4)(SL180)

All DLC and showing online if anyone wants to message on ps4. Same as reddit name.
Happy to help anyone :)
If not will just keep dropping random summons outside bosses until requested
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2021.10.25 20:22 Ryousan82 A Dirge for Freedom...

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2021.10.25 20:22 archaegeo Luminous Battle Results: 4 hours, 300% xp, items, gold

Luminous Battle Results: 4 hours, 300% xp, items, gold
The results
This is the results after 4 hours of luminous battle with the +300% xp, gold, and items buffs (i had some loyalty to spare)
So 4 hours with a level 2 luminous in Destroy Dark Apostle Lab version at level 39 with item score of 293.
So not bad for afk xp/gold/items, not game changing, but not bad.
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