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I would love to call this a misunderstanding

2021.10.25 19:11 sadboyhourlol I would love to call this a misunderstanding

But whenever I would constantly fight it, do you think it would stop? Not until I started publicly calling it out and getting hateful did it stop. But many people knew all along how bad it would get, that’s where it’s a huge insult to me. It’s not a game to keep working at like many people have been acting toward it, because they’re just not on the receiving end.
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2021.10.25 19:11 TuuEdgy4Yuu GET THIS MAN ON THE SHOW

GET THIS MAN ON THE SHOW submitted by TuuEdgy4Yuu to TrashTaste [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 19:11 Opposite_Spray_1921 Are you doing your part for the SHIBarmy?

Are you doing your part for the SHIBarmy? submitted by Opposite_Spray_1921 to SHIBArmy [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 19:11 bot_painani SEMMEXICO: Proponen crear una Comisión de Monitoreo de la Paridad de Género

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2021.10.25 19:11 TraditionalGoal422 🐕Bat-Hound DOGE🐕Launched 5 Minutes | Next x100 gem |

🐕Bat-Hound DOGE🐕Launched 5 Minutes | Next x100 gem |
🐶 Welcome to Bat-Hound DOGE🌒
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What exactly to expect from us can be found on the roadmap on our website.
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We plan a Huge marketing, which includes
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➡️ CMC
➡️Contract: 0xD6e2E8b8A9EfA973F43179e74E0E1a4c46C96c21
➡️ Pancakeswap:https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xD6e2E8b8A9EfA973F43179e74E0E1a4c46C96c21
➡️ Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xD6e2E8b8A9EfA973F43179e74E0E1a4c46C96c21#readContract
➡️ LP LOCKED: 1 YEAR : https://deeplock.io/lock/0xb7c83c43b331e9a8ee9c3f39dd567f7924a5d8c3
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2021.10.25 19:11 scienceguy2442 LF: Shiny Zamazenta FT: Shiny Zacian

Any sword users (outside the US I suppose) want to help me?
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2021.10.25 19:11 G0bTheBlob Does anyone know of a chill Discord server to meet people our age?

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2021.10.25 19:11 Know_Your_Shit_v2 [todayilearned] TIL South Park secretly got Sia to record Randy Marsh's vocals as Lorde on "Sparkling Thoughts/Feeling Good On A Wednesday." Sia initially worried Lorde would be offended. "I felt bad but I went ahead and did it anyway."

[todayilearned] TIL South Park secretly got Sia to record Randy Marsh's vocals as Lorde on submitted by Know_Your_Shit_v2 to knowyourshit [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 19:11 ghostboychronicles is a long point better??

is it better to use a long point to hit if you have scar tissue? i’ve tried hitting everywhere even my wrist and cant get blood to register
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2021.10.25 19:11 Cksongz Zephyr

Zephyr submitted by Cksongz to drawing [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 19:11 TouchMeHarderPLZ First helmet recommendations (?)

Hello there.
Im currently in the process of buying my first bike (Yamaha R3), hence Im also in the process of acquiring my beginner gear. Im currently missing my full face helmet and have a budget of around $200USD.
I live in northern Mexico and we get temps as high as 38 C (~100 F), so good ventilation is a must. I also wear glasses so that's also a must. It wouldn't be a deal breaker but i would like it to lean towards the ECE safety philosophy rather than SNELL since Im quite skinny and would like a not so bulky helmet. (ECE or SNELL are also a must)
What helmets would you suggest?
Thanks in advance.
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2021.10.25 19:11 Christy004 Does anyone have 83 IF Diaz or 84 IF Bounou?

I haven't seen them on the transfer market in a few days, and I still need them for my collection.
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2021.10.25 19:11 Tchoupa_style NOLA Nightmare vs. House of Shock

Posting this because I was curious how NOLA Nightmare has held up against the House of Shock. I have not been since the House of Shock was bought out, and that place always blew me away with the quality of its props, pyrotechnics, and acting. Is Nightmare worth visiting?
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2021.10.25 19:11 CharredPC The Bipartisan Position of Violating Body Autonomy

Instead of the now self-parodying question "what happened to this sub?", I would like an answer to "what has happened to leftists?"
The Right is making abortions more difficult, which makes liberals all scream about Body Autonomy. As well they should - because a religious position of the few shouldn't be dictated onto everybody. Whatever one's personal stance on abortion, letting people have a right to control their own bodies is tough to argue with reasonably.
Except Democrats are doing the exact same thing with their Covid shots. Whatever your personal stance on them, they have no long term studies, are made / function / target differently than the old ones, don't prevent getting or spreading it, and are not necessary for those who already had it. People have a right to say no to that.
Except places like WOTB are becoming narrative battlegrounds for shaming and mocking those who don't buy into this near-religious insistence that these shots are the One True Way. Suddenly we're all secret agents attacking western democracies, right-wingers on a quest to undermine Democrats, and Q-like conspiracy theorists.
Since when does the left buy into the establishment's narratives? When did violating bodily autonomy, like killing people, become a good thing when Democrats do it? How is Big Pharma profits and authoritarian policies remotely on the same side as leftism? When did daring to maintain healthy skepticism get made "right-wing?"
This sub was born from, to oversimplify it a bit, its founders being further left than those willing to settle for one more 1% corporate warmonger in lieu of valid representation. And we have remained firmly to the left of the mainstream duopoly ever since, continuing our open-format search for larger truth and perspective beyond it.
Those coming in here insisting the sub has changed, advocating a closer adherence to party doctrine, and dictating this space is only for Bernie fans to discuss Democratic Socialism - who are you? Do you think you're part of the Left? If so, what the hell happened for your leftism to start echoing the extremists you hate on the right?
Fighting to preserve body autonomy shouldn't make us an enemy. If you think it does, I'd respectfully suggest you aren't on the left, and might want to review your core beliefs for blatant hypocrisies. The more you try to justify controlling others and classify different views as proof of others' deplorable-ness, the less a leftist you are.
And maybe that's the real answer here - that there are no leftists left among mainstream circles or within the ranks of Team Blue. It makes sense we've all been systematically purged, as they march ever rightward behind the thin veneer of fake-left identity politics, false promises, performative morality and corporate salesmanship.
Perhaps the discomfort some may feel upon visiting here is simply forced confrontation of these incongruities in their belief systems. Or are coached and convinced that private, minority-run two-party options are the only possible ones- God or the Devil, with no room for agnostics (who blasphemously point out neither is fact-based).
Leftists are about worker solidarity, not creating new classes that make income conditional based on bias. Leftists should be open to constructive conversation, knowing it can broaden their minds and understanding. Leftists chanted Bernie's "Not Me, Us" without any exclusions for people of different faith or those of opposing beliefs.
Genuine leftism is against both war-for-profit parties who only give us "choices" over how we want our bodies violated, not if they are.
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2021.10.25 19:11 Educational-Alps-353 New Sticks from Top Cubans!

New Sticks from Top Cubans! submitted by Educational-Alps-353 to cubancigars [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 19:11 Melodic-Event Extend Freestyle Libre2 sensors with the Bubble Reader?

I have heard that you and extend freestyle libre2 sensors with the Bubble reader. Is this true? Has anyone tried it? Does it stay accurate?
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2021.10.25 19:11 _PersistentRumor Chocolate Chat - Three Pillars of Relationships Chocolate Yoddah discusses how relationships fail and what to pay attention to if you want to improve your chances. #love #life #motivation #happy

Chocolate Chat - Three Pillars of Relationships Chocolate Yoddah discusses how relationships fail and what to pay attention to if you want to improve your chances. #love #life #motivation #happy submitted by _PersistentRumor to Promote_Your_Channel [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 19:11 Mandrake_m2 I might get downvoted into oblivion for this, but I think investing everything you have into crypto is not the best investment strategy.

Investing in one single asset is the easiest strategy, but not the safest. I had to learn that the hard way. Things like the stock market might not be as agile as crypto, but they’re most certainly safer and can act as a good buffer or back up in case a dip hits the crypto market (which happens way too often).
I invest in crypto, stocks and commodities as well. I think the only inconvenience about this strategy was having to switch between so man apps. But I might start using a cross-asset management app. I ready about DIFX and they seem pretty legit. But other than that, it’s actually a super good strategy to follow.
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2021.10.25 19:11 SimilarStock3 Enamorado de las Hifi 4G - HPS 400W

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2021.10.25 19:11 Knario1954 Audiomachine - MAGNUS [Full Album - 1 HOUR - Powerful Dramatic Orchestra...

Audiomachine - MAGNUS [Full Album - 1 HOUR - Powerful Dramatic Orchestra... submitted by Knario1954 to My_Music_box [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 19:11 ImplementDismal8717 YottaDoge - Just Launched - The Biggest Doge on BSC that will bring holders huge BNB rewards! 💪Anti-Whale properties 🐳 x1000 Gem | Dont miss out !!!

Why YottaDoge?
YottaDoge is the biggest Doge on BSC that rewards all holders with huge BNB rewards! Everyone that holds Yotta will have insane rewards from the biggest DOGE! LP will be immediately locked, Anti whale mechanisms to prevent dumping and hinder the ability for price manipulation. This is to keep price sustainable and reduce the impact of big whale sell offs.
YottaDoge has a team that includes a fantastic developer, strong marketers, a great graphics designer, and web designer! Before launch we have a great website, community already growing, social medias are live, and plenty graphics to share our great project!
Make sure to join our telegram, check out our website, and follow us on twitter for updates! Huge things are coming for YottaDoge, the biggest Doge on BSC! Already, they have started the marketing campaign! Ads are live, twitter promotions ongoing, and there is many promotions lined up for pre launch, the hours after, and more.
Yotta Tokenomics
10% TAX
💰 7% Redistribution In BNB to all holders!
📢 2% for Marketing wallet
♻️ 1% to LP
Yotta holder safety mechanics
🐳 Double Anti-whale with Max Buy & Anti-Dump
🤖 Anti-bot secret weapon for Launch
Contract: 0xc9ceba6ae4e7420574e1c80a7224cda660835312
Buy Here: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xc9ceba6ae4e7420574e1c80a7224cda660835312
LP Locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x26Fd46d0eD71baa6C0441cb6b375D19C7A86e012
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xc9ceba6ae4e7420574e1c80a7224cda660835312#readContract
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2021.10.25 19:11 AdministrationNo9693 Is double vision/fuzziness normal?

I’m starting to show symptoms of farsightedness. My symptoms are:
-Fuzziness -Slight double vision when reading
Is this stuff normal or could it implicate something more serious?
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2021.10.25 19:11 reddit_feed_bot JackPosobiec: #FauciLiedDogsDied https://t.co/SiUwRch1fl

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2021.10.25 19:11 Individual_Coast8114 I can’t wash my teeth because I fear that a bloodbath may occur

My gums beneath my lower incisors are extremely sensitive. I’m talking if I sweep across my gums with my TONGUE a little more forcibly I might make them bleed sensitive.
I have just recently found a method that kinda facilitates the process, which is brushing my teeth up and down in contrast to left and right.
Any tips on how to strengthen my gums? What toothbrush and toothpaste should I use?
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2021.10.25 19:11 zipsakortu Swagbucks Home Depot Coupons

Here is the Swagbucks Home Depot Coupons
Best deals, coupons and discount you can find there. You can find great discounts on there too.
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