8i2fn 37bz3 y4kyb kyney 2eist 8z96r 244i9 ea6fz y5n7n rh96n ttt69 b4zay b2k59 k8aee 249az ks6ik h6643 66rr6 attnk t3iy7 sfzrf After working my ass of for 800M coins on my way to a 1B, my life have been crushed and I’m in a deep depression after I was diagnosed with a non benign liver tumour and had to sell all my coins to cover medical bills/surgery. |

After working my ass of for 800M coins on my way to a 1B, my life have been crushed and I’m in a deep depression after I was diagnosed with a non benign liver tumour and had to sell all my coins to cover medical bills/surgery.

2021.10.25 21:08 No-Relationship-1644 After working my ass of for 800M coins on my way to a 1B, my life have been crushed and I’m in a deep depression after I was diagnosed with a non benign liver tumour and had to sell all my coins to cover medical bills/surgery.

If anyone can get me back on my feet and help me out I’ll pay back tenfold when I can. I love this community more than anything. When I joined a year ago I was so excited as I was close to working my way up to 1 billion coins which was my dream and I was so close. I would tell me friends and family about it and they would laugh at me saying it was a scam and I still stuck by it and tried to convince them. Anyways I’ve been having severe abdominal pain and puking up blood for almost a year, just to have recently been diagnosed with a liver tumour that has been growing for god knows how long and had to sell it all including much more of my belongings to pay for medical bills and medicine. I’ve lost the will to live and I hate my life. I knew this community would skyrocket ever since I joined last February and seeing the progress makes me cry from depression and joy from everyone else that still gets to be apart of it. For anyone that doesn’t believe me I can provide proof. I’ve been in and out the ER countless times to which they would send me home every time saying to come back if it happens again. Those ER bills alone can’t even be fully paid off for yet not including my ongoing treatment. For anyone that doesn’t believe me I can provide proof of everything. I’m a depressed worthless nobody who lost everything I dreamt of in a matter of a few months and I wish I could still be apart of this community.
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2021.10.25 21:08 Mammoth_Mushroom_980 My boyfriend thinks everything is a personal attack.

We’ve been together for 4 years. It seems like every time I say that he did something that hurts my feelings or that I don’t agree with, he takes it as a personal attack. I feel like I can’t tell him how I really feel because the first thing he’ll do is turn things around about how HE feels. I can’t get anything in without him just jumping to attack me with a reply about how I’m wrong or how he didn’t mean to hurt my feelings. The thing is, he thinks if he didn’t do something purposefully wrong he feels like he doesn’t need to apologize because the outcome wasn’t his intention. (example: I was trying to get through my school lessons at home and he kept bothering me because he said he didn’t think I meant it when I said I was going to be doing them that night. When I told him that I thought it wasn’t cool that he kept bothering me all he could do was get mad and tell me he was just playing around)
Last night we were about to start fooling around when I felt a sharp pain. He tried to rub my back but it ended up feeling worse with pressure put on it and he passed the comment “well I guess it’ll be another night” in regards to us having sex and then played on his phone. After the pain finally passed (i ended up hunched over on the side of the bed) I told him that I needed to say something and I did not want him to respond and I told him how hurt I was that while I was in pain he passed that comment. How it felt like the lack of sex was more important to him than my physical pain. After I told him, he walked off to watch tv and has barely spoken to me since. I don’t know what to do anymore. I can’t tell him that he hurt my feelings without him thinking that I’m scolding him or something and it’s impossible to have civil conversations about it. How do I approach this so that he understands that I can tell him how I feel without it being a personal attack? How do i get him to understand that even if he has good intentions, the things he does can be hurtful? I know this is a communication issue and it seems like no matter how I approach it I’m left feeling like crap at the end because nothing gets accomplished.
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2021.10.25 21:08 NightsOW How do Ky players do instant aerial stun edge?

I've seen some Ky players able to jump and instantly horizontal stun edge. Is there some kind of input trick to this?
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2021.10.25 21:08 Puzzled_Cranberry_26 Is anyone pissed that Bungie removed Mars from Destiny 2: Beyond Light? Because I am

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2021.10.25 21:08 pork8888 People that invest in the stock market... Is it worth it to pay a $300 subscription membership to an "academy" plus $200 monthly payments to learn how to invest "the right way"?

About 1 year and a half ago I tried investing the stock market but I lost all of my money... do you think is really worth it to pay $300 subscription to an academy + $200 monthly payments to learn how to invest without losing my money?
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2021.10.25 21:08 ZakkDel Erection problems in new relationship

I'm wondering whether anybody's ever experienced trouble getting or maintaining an erection when it comes to having sex with your girl.. I'm (21m) a virgin and very inexperienced and I've been dating a girl (20f and NOT a virgin) for a couple of weeks. We've done foreplay just fine (although I couldn't get myself to cum from oral which is another weird thing) but when it came to actual sex, I'd either not be able to get hard or lose my existing erection.
I'm extremely into this girl and could easily see things getting serious with her. Both emotional and physical attraction aren't an issue as I find her absolutely beautiful and love everything about her. Just the thought of her gives me butterflies.
What could be causing these issues for me? Is it related to performance anxiety since I'm inexperienced and nervous?
More importantly, what could I do to get over this ASAP and be able to enjoy our time together better?
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2021.10.25 21:08 Zl0on Monke soldiers

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2021.10.25 21:08 Curiosity-007 Buckle up Phunware Travelers

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2021.10.25 21:08 Nblearchangel My creatinine levels were slightly elevated with a blood test recently, should I be worried?

I got blood tests done two weeks ago and both times my creatinine levels were slightly elevated. 1.33 mg/dL - upper range for me is 1.27 according to the test.
I'm taking Lithium and was taking Creatine and Protein supplements; discontinued the Creatine and Protein after the first test. Gave myself a week off before the second test but it was still elevated for the second test. I was also taking 75-150 mg of Diclofenac for about a year (on and off, I discontinued a few times to give myself a break and I'm off it completely now) at the direction of my doctor for a medical condition (repetitive stress injury). Otherwise, I don't drink at all and the rest of the blood levels and kidney function numbers can out perfectly fine.

Should I be worried about kidney issues?
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2021.10.25 21:08 outer_spec Not enough Flanimals posts on this sub

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2021.10.25 21:08 HippoSpecific4020 Islam Makachev vs Kadimogamedov Olympic silver medalist at 74kg (the one who techfalled Kyle Dake)

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2021.10.25 21:08 XaosDrakonoid18 How to deal with super high passive perception PCs with this simple trick

We've all been there, someone has a high passive perception and detects all our traps or hidden important details. Sometimes we feel frustrated because we feel nothing can really challenge him in his field of expertise, and it is supposed to be mostly this way, this is the character strenght and trying to actively bend the game against the player to make him fail in what he would reasonably suceed is not cool(eg: inflating the DCs of traps/hidden important stuff to make it higher than his passive perception)

So i have a solution to this that i came up a while ago, the solution to this problem is:

Passive perception detects EVERYTHING if it surpasses the DC. BUT WAIT, LET ME EXPLAIN

So you heard it, it detects everything, the hole on the wall, the slime on the ceiling, the smell of burnt wood. BUT, of all this information, not all of this will be relevant, and that is the trick. Giving details to irrelevant things so that the actual thing that is relevant stays hidden while in plain sight.

passive perception only detects those details, it doesn't explain it and it doesn't filter the irelevants out, it gives the player everything it finds be it relevant or not

Let me give an example

So let's say there is a room with a chair trapped where if it moves it triggers an explosion but it leaves a smell of powder(18 to find), a desk, and picture in the wall, this is the relevant information, i'll add the irrelevant information after.
and we have the PCs and their respective passive perception scores
Bob: passive perception 22
Garry: passive perception 11
Elisa: passive perception 18
Mary: passive perception 14

ok so what i see a lot of people do: "so you enter the room, all of you see a chair, a desk and a picture, but Bob and Elisa, with your keen senses, you notice a smell of powder in the room, what do you guys do?."
so basically, everyone will reach the same conclusion "the DM gave extra descriptions about it so this is relevant and there are obviously powder in the room, probably a trap"
this is where your traps fall flat, you only give detail to what is relevant, the trick is making small details that are also hard to find so the high passive pcs will detect them but others will not.

but now let's add irrelevant desctription and give perception DCs to it

the picture have finger marks on it (19 to find)
the wall has small holes(17 to find)
there is slime on the ceiling(21 to find)
the desk has some candle wax(16 to find)
the tiles on the floor next to the door are very slightly off, really hard to notice(23 to find)

"so you enter the room, there is a chair, a desk and a picture, but Elisa, with your keen senses you notice some aditional details, you see small holes on the wall, the desk looks like it has some wax on top of it and there is this faint smell of powder that tickles your nose, Bob you notice even more details than Elisa, the picture appears to have some finger marks on it and there is something slimy on the ceiling, what do you guys do?"

So now the players have lots of information to work around and there is even more irrelevant details present in the room that you can tell them if thei attempt to roll perception and roll higher than their passive percetion.
The key to make your players detect the trap hints but not imediatelly know that this extra description is the trap is make that the extra description is not only the description of the trap. This doesn't apply only to traps but to anything that it is hidden. I've been doing this in my games to a great success. Sometimes they discover the thing very fast, sometimes it takes them some thinking to find it and sometimes they start to analyse one of the details and completely forget the other one.
This method not only makes the "hidden stuff" challenge more reliable but it makes it more engaging and requires extra decision making and attention from the players.

If you have any feedbacks feel free to comment here, i'll haply read them.
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2021.10.25 21:08 Lumpy_Coyote Why would you invest in a cyber security company? $SGSI

Why would anyone want an undervalued cyber security stock? $SGSI HighWire networks
This stock is hidden from most. Since HighWire networks did a reverse merger with spectrum global solutions in June.
So what’s so special about HighWire networks?
They were a private company for twenty years. Since the merger, they have over 250+ employees and expanded their management team. They currently have 8 divisions generating revenue. Estimated revenue for this year, 40 million. The divisions are as follows

  1. Overwatch cyber security
  2. Adex staffing
  3. Cabling and infrastructure solutions
  4. Wireless
  5. Unified communications install
  6. Electrical
  7. Global command center services
  8. Networking solutions
    Overwatch cyber security is putting out great revenue! They are rated #118 of of 250 in the world. They have many partners that sell the device. BKD is one example. They continue to grow monthly and generate stacking revenue.
    So what makes HighWire a long term investment?
    Glad you asked! HighWire is currently in legal proceedings to change the company name to HighWire networks inc . The new symbol will be HWNI. They continue to grow as they have multiple ways to generate revenue. Just last week they won a 7 million dollar contract for fiber optic cable placement.
    They also are planning to up-list to Nasdaq. They hired an experienced EVP to start the up listing process.
    99% of all the information you need is on their website. They are also very active on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
    The market cap is only 18 million with an OS of 35 million. As you can see, the current value for this company is very low! Growth is expected to continue as well as the Overwatch cyber security. Take a moment if you are an investor and check them out!
GLTA and happy investing!
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2021.10.25 21:08 jussfuss I swear NYC drill really the worst shit ever LMAOO I can’t take this seriously

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2021.10.25 21:08 preciousgemmramos Amazing Thinkers and Humanitarians by Katerina Mestheneou

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2021.10.25 21:08 LeroyJenkins4652 (Wts) Big G Goodies (ct)

Got some great Bendy Bill G stuff for sale.
No gun is complete without a Gucci touch.
All prices are shipped.
Payment via cashapp or Venmo only
Item Price
MK4 Rail - Black $270 $255
DDC Buffer Tube $70
Black Buffer Tube $65
H2 Buffer Kit $75
Take $15 off the buffer kit if you bundle it with a buffer tube.
Look at me
Thanks for looking.
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2021.10.25 21:08 pop-a911 Can you guys give me some karma please :)

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2021.10.25 21:08 Ryebredz Confusing Airsoft LAWS In NJ

Hey, I got a serious question about state laws I'm a bit confused NJ. I'm looking at some sources and they are saying it's legal and apparently not legal without a license. It's a gray area for me...
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2021.10.25 21:08 fenderboy5r [POSITIVE] for /u/pokeitok [buyer]

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2021.10.25 21:08 golangprojects Go/Golang job: Senior Go Engineer - Fully Remote (UK/EUROPE) through Vistas Recruitment (work from anywhere in Europe!) | Salary: €70,000 - €100,000 Per Annum

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2021.10.25 21:08 TaylorTLK The Byakugan Princess, Hinata

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2021.10.25 21:08 icydata Oshie's second comes off the rush

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2021.10.25 21:08 DashlessYT My team is clueless in Deep Rock Galactic

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2021.10.25 21:08 eponaI what is up with this t-shirt?

so i just finished corbin's really terrible bio on chris and i'm feeling stuff so i'm going down the rabbit hole and i find this shirt for sale on his website that has me rolling:


does anyone realize this looks a LOT like the starbucks logo and that he'd probably hate it?
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2021.10.25 21:08 DatBoyBenjamin This might be the best picture ever taken while I was reffing.

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