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Kuidas siin nendesse märkustesse suhtute?

Kuidas pärandvara ühisust lõpetada? Juhul kui pärijad soovivad pärandvara ühisuse lõpetada ning pärandi hulka kuuluva vara omavahel jagada, tuleb neil sõlmida pärandvara jagamise leping. Pärandvara jagamist võib nõuda iga kaaspärija tingimusel, et on teada kõik pärijad. Lühiajaliselt aga määrab kinnisvaraturg kuidas Merko aktsia liikub. Turg usub et Merko võib korduvalt teha suurepäraseid kinnisvaratehinguid mistõttu aktsia P/B on nii kõrge. Minu meelest on see aga naiivne. Umbes nagu õigustaks hea fondihaldur et fondiosakud maksaksid mitu korda oma nimiväärtuse.

2021.10.25 20:56 Sulajuust Kuidas siin nendesse märkustesse suhtute?

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2021.10.25 20:56 NokoButPanda Vote Who Joins

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2021.10.25 20:56 gamerguy559 36[M4F] California- Sweet, thoughtful, and devoted person looking to find that special someone to kiss goodnight and wake up next to in the morning.

Hi there! Thanks for looking, let me tell you as much as I can about myself within the character limit. I am white, 6.2 and 230. I have an AS in information technology and a BS in computer science. I work for the government, more specifically the IRS where sometimes I work up to 12 hrs a day and 6 days a week. I do all kinds of stuff for them; we can talk about the details later if you’re interested. If I find someone of course I will cut it down so I can be with them.
I am kind of shy and an introvert at first, I will eventually warm up and want to do all kinds of things together. My ideal night is simply staying in and cuddling up on the couch together while either watching something or playing a game. I do very much enjoy going out as well though. I love a good trip to the zoo, a museum, safari, park, attraction, or anywhere where we can go and enjoy ourselves especially while holding hands. I have always wanted to take trips to places and visit other cities and countries but am just waiting for the right person to do it with. My first choice for an out of the US trip would be JAPAN. Let’s sip some sake under a cherry blossom tree, visit akihabara ( video game and anime capital of the world!! ), visit shrines, special café’s, and all kinds of fun stuff.
( this paragraph had to be cut down due to a rule, look at another post to see what the full one said ). Almost got a house. If I end up finding somewhere and I need to move to be with them, which I am ok doing, then it would be a waste, so I decided to wait at least a little bit longer now that I have gotten serious about finding someone to be with.
Personality- If you want to know a bit more about me on a personal level before actually messaging me feel free to look into my personality it is ISFJ.
I agree with around 90% of everything that they say on here, its scary accurate. I am a very open and honest person, if there is anything you want to know about me just ask and I will answer no matter the subject, just don't ask something you don't want the answer to.
Music/TV- Over the years my music and tv preferences have transitioned from normal into the weird territory lol. I use to listen to rock, rap, R&B, house, trance, you know normal stuff; but now I listen to J-rock, K-pop, and the like. Likewise, I watched TV shows like big bang theory, house, NCIS, once again normal stuff; but now I have moved into a lot more of the Chinese, Japanese, and Korean drama/action/adventure/fantasy. Instead of using Netflix ( ok actually I still do use this ) I am watching VIKI, the Asian version Netflix lol.
Exchange- We should exchange photos and facetime after we have talked some. For me it’s to make sure I’m not getting catfished and for you its to make sure you like what you see. Physical attraction for me has become much less important over the years compared to someone’s personality. That being said I would fall pretty hard if you had blue or green eyes and a non-normal hair color. Due to my video game and anime influence’s, any type of blue/green/pink/purple etc etc hair color just makes me fall for them lol. I also prefer shorter rather then taller just because as someone tall it allows me to wrap my body around them easier for cuddling. None of this is a deal breaker though as I said personality over everything else.
Meeting up- As for meeting up I would prefer it done sooner then later. If you’re not interested in me then I would like to know rather then to continue talking for a long time. I don’t blame you or anything for not being interested, just please don’t waste my time. I am a one romance kind of gal guy, so if I’m talking to you seriously then I’m not talking to others seriously. If you are simply lonely and just want someone to talk to, I understand, just please say so, I don’t mind talking to you, but I want to look for my love. We need to meet within a month, although to be honest that is still pretty long time, I would prefer earlier but I will leave it in your court. We don’t have to be in a relationship by then or anything but we still need to meet.
I am willing to find someone anywhere in California, I am in central Calif myself. If you are far away though it would be nice if you had your own place, at least for the future. Since I can telework, I can visit you and stay there and just bring my work with me, it will allow us to become closer easier than me taking 4-5 hr drives up all the time. It’s not necessary though, but it would just be convenient. I am not doing anything outside of Cali anymore, it just never seems to work out I’m sorry.
Family- I am pretty big on family. I live on what I like to call family land. Lots of family live on this land including my parents, my sisters, grandparents, aunts, cousins, etc. We own around 20 acres of land and have over a dozen houses on it. Some family houses, and others are apartments or houses that are rent out to tenants. I am the manager of these rental units and have been for years now. I am slated to inherit them in the future so it would be nice if we are far apart if you could come here, but if that simply doesn’t work then if things are meant to be we can work it out. I can always move to where you are and just hire someone to delegate everything. For all you animal lovers out there we have around 50 peacocks on our land. Ever wanted to feed a peacock from the palm or your hand, pet their beautiful feathers, or hold a baby peachick? Well now you can.
Gaming- Playing video games is what I enjoy doing with my free time. It would be nice if you played too, but it's not an absolute must have. If you didn’t play but were willing to give it a try that would be great too, I would be happy to teach and play with you. I also very much enjoy watching anime. I could talk about these 2 subjects more but my space is limited so, if you enjoy those 2 hobbies then we can talk more in detail later. Even though I enjoy these things I would much rather spend time with you doing whatever else we decide on. Even though I tend to enjoy a night in I would love to travel with the right person and visit new places.
Exercise- I use to play tennis and I was pretty darn good. In California during my senior year I was ranked 16th in California ( humble brag ) and I played in college too. I haven’t played in a awhile but I keep trying to get back into it, never manages to push through though, maybe you can help! I also use to be HUGE on DDR, I was playing the hardest songs on the highest difficulty, my body just flowed…. It was a beautiful thing. I exercise every day, but were talking walking/jogging here lol not going to the gym. If my partner is into something heavy like the gym or hiking, I would be willing to do it with them, but you wont find me doing it by myself lol.
Profile- My love profile is physical touch, so physical intimacy everything from a simple peck on the cheek all the way to sex is important, it is how I show affection. I want to cuddle, hold hands, lay together, and just be intimate together and be there with you. If you do not enjoy physical intimacy I don't know if it will work out. I am a very kind, supportive, loving, affectionate, and devoted person. That being said I don’t have a 6 pack or even a 2 pack lol, I'm pretty shy and will take some coaxing to open up, and I am way out of touch with serious relationships. If you can get me to open up and love me for who I am though, I will always respect, love, and take care of you.
After reading all this, you should kind o know if I’m your type of person or not, please send me a message not a chat, with some information about you and I will respond, just please don’t send me a few sentences. I tend to only check here at night due to well… lack of faith lol, so if we hit it off we can find some other way to talk, via phone, or a messaging app or something. Thanks for reading
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2021.10.25 20:56 ClickForFreeRobux Wilmington Is Coming for Philly’s Food Scene

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2021.10.25 20:56 Elgifinelgi88 Does this outfit make me look fat?

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2021.10.25 20:56 snowybearr Lanira and I decided to have a picnic on the floating islands today:)

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2021.10.25 20:56 Adwixeer Coupe or convertible?

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2021.10.25 20:56 Spoon9111 Cranking out Meme’s

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2021.10.25 20:56 Redsmann The Killers - Spaceman

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2021.10.25 20:56 Pandora_Lovegood_ Happy birthday Ben! You’re the best One True Host!

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2021.10.25 20:56 Wise-Conference9341 if you could rename any chicago rapper’s album/mixtape/single to a new name, what would it be and why?

dead or alive
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2021.10.25 20:56 sashie_belle Piers Morgan Weights In: The more we learn about Alec Baldwin's deadly shooting 'accident', the more culpable he looks for being executive producer of a chaotic, dangerous sh*t-show run by amateurish cowboys that made the tragedy an accident waiting to happen

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2021.10.25 20:56 BigAnimeBobs2 [Help] Pass SafetyNet with the new Canary (23010)?

Is it possible to pass SafetyNet with the new official canary version of Magisk? I already tried adding Google Play Services to the deny list of Zygisk but that didn't work.
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2021.10.25 20:56 mnorthwood13 I don't know what world simulation number I'm stuck in; but I want out.

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2021.10.25 20:56 Shortyshort123 Question??

Does anyone know what an IS really does?? I accepted the position over 2 months ago and feel like I’m being used by both the Pharmacy and SM
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2021.10.25 20:56 peiness We love when Josh smiles☺️

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2021.10.25 20:56 Spyridon2003 First impressions? i might look sad but im alright :)

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2021.10.25 20:56 blondegirl2021x 26f hurting over 20M

I’m 26F hurting so bad over this guy... I have met him 6 times since September. He told me he was 25.. I later on found out he was 20 but I didn’t mind it as I liked him. Slept with him 3 times, he would spoon and stroke my hair and after the 3rd time he started acting distant and weird. I would go back to his after a night out drunk and he would be sober as doesn’t drink for some reason? I met up with him on last Saturday and we had a deep chat in the car, was then kissing me and I got on his lap in the drivers seat then he asked me to give him head. Drove me home and then ghosted me for a few days. I went mad and he told me “when I dropped you home I realised after I wasn’t interested, you’re a good person and cool girl” “the sex was good and I wanted it but let’s be friends, friends only” he’s told me how attractive I am countless of times. I don’t get it? How can you be so cold and cut me off like that 😭
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2021.10.25 20:56 Commercial-Cut9311 crise de ansiedade

Eu tive duas crises de ansiedade apenas por causa que saí com uma menina, foi maravilhoso mas agr fico com medo de talvez ela não querer me ver de novo. (Ela falou que gostaria de me vê dnv mas eu sinto ela mais distante e quase não puxando mais assunto cmg).
Antes de dormir comecei a chorar e senti um aperto no meu coração e aquela ansiedade que parece que vai te consumir po dentro, depois quando acordei aconteceu tudo de novo. Nunca fiz terapia mas acho que preciso por que isso não pode ser normal, desse jeito nunca vou conseguir me relacionar com ninguém.
Ah e a gente saiu sábado, então estou esperando dar pelo menos quarta feira para tentar marcar um dia e vê o que ela fala.
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2021.10.25 20:56 Icy-Peak-6060 Redstone Lantern

A redstone lantern randomly emits redstone signals of random strengths in all directions.
If hung like a lantern, it can emit its random signals through the block it is being hung on. If placed down like a lantern, it emits the signals through the block below it and the 4 spaces next to it.
It is crafted like a regular lantern but with a Redstone torch.
It also has a flickering light level in a short radius that ranges from 6-10. The light level depends on the redstone output strength. I guess it is very volatile?
(Now we can give the copper golem an actual use)
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2021.10.25 20:56 UTFB86 13 pro max from a moving train and tweaked on Snapseed.

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2021.10.25 20:56 QG_Elys_95 Who is he? (Wrong answers only)

Who is he? (Wrong answers only) submitted by QG_Elys_95 to DreamWasTaken2 [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 20:56 saltysam300 How many dislikes can we get the man!? Show them the power of philly

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2021.10.25 20:56 a1reddit Stolen Plates. Someone good with Video may be able to make out the driver's plates ...

A friend had their plates stolen. The driver backed into the camera, but the brake lights made it hard to make out the plates. But, there is a short second that the plate is slightly visible.
Hoping that someone has better eyes than me and better tech...
If anyone knows the make and model of the SUV, that would be helpful too.
Thank you.
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2021.10.25 20:56 cristo_11q Un grande a vuelto

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