A fantasy style castle that I built a few days ago. Took me 70 hours in a span of 5 days only lol.

2021.09.28 18:11 Weolins A fantasy style castle that I built a few days ago. Took me 70 hours in a span of 5 days only lol.

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2021.09.28 18:11 MugShots DPS Alert

DPS Alert Motorist Assist BOULDER HWY and S NELLIS BLVD; NB SO 09/28/2021 09:08:08 AM
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2021.09.28 18:11 garidronin When you feel like sh*t out of nowhere for days for no reason

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2021.09.28 18:11 DougieFresh21 [WTS] Oris Big Crown Pointer Date - Blue Dial, Bronze Bezel - 36mm

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2021.09.28 18:11 nickhooper Fantrax // Hockey H2H Points // Redraft // 32-player rosters - Looking for GMs

H2H Points Fantrax Premium 12-team league with a few more open GM spots before the season starts!

Message me for questions / details / how to join!
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2021.09.28 18:11 teargas666 ROR z subkontami

Przyjaciele. Szukam jakiegoś przyjemnego rachunku w banku w którym będę mógł założyć kilka subkont gdzie będę mógł wpłacać hajs. Potrzebowałbym pewnie max 5 subkont. Niestety w Millennium i BNP Paribas gdzie mam konta nie znalazłem takiej opcji. Niby inteligo coś takiego ma, ale to państwowe wiec wole unikać. Polecicie coś?
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2021.09.28 18:11 BrightEconomics Pa. Sen. Doug Mastriano: What we know about his fight with fellow Republicans

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2021.09.28 18:11 OatPureeBoi Were there renegades from other chapters after the Badab War?

I am looking to expand my Kill Teams in the direction of Renegade Space Marines with the theme if a group of space marine that have left their parent chapters to form a pirating warband in the aftermath of the Badab War. My question is in regards to which chapters would be lore friendly to include in the group. As I can only learn about this time period through secondary sources I wanted to check with the larger lore community.
I know that the Astral Claws became the Red Corsairs but were there any that didnt join Huron?
What about the Lamenters? Did any of them stay renegade?
For chapters loyal to the imperium, were there any who left their chapters during the conflict?
Thank you in advance
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2021.09.28 18:11 Corrupt-Squirrel Over extrusion or something else?

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2021.09.28 18:11 OCCEiCiT What should i spend my gems on?

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2021.09.28 18:11 refreshhh5 Season 4 and 5 UK

Anyone know where I can watch season 4 and 5 in the UK?
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2021.09.28 18:11 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.28 18:11 CarbunnyBun Gengar's eyes count along with mine right?

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2021.09.28 18:11 MOFOKINRULZ A quien de ustedes puercos se les ocurrió esto?

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2021.09.28 18:11 chickentothiccen Relapsed 3 times today

Im ngl I Started relapsing a lot since a few weeks ago, sometimes twice a day or now 3 times. Ive been relapsing almost every day. I really wanna stop this.
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2021.09.28 18:11 Spite-Fun Toys to get for mental stimulation

My dog is a 10mo Doberman pincher mix. She’s very intelligent and I notice she gets bored rather quickly. I give her treats and food in a toy she has to roll around on occasion but I don’t want to give her too many treat. Are there any mental stimulation toys where treats aren’t involved?
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2021.09.28 18:11 ShortAlgo $GLTR Awaiting Buy signal on GLTR

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2021.09.28 18:11 Kingken130 What even is this? Anyone else getting it? I saw this twice today now

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2021.09.28 18:11 poomu Random Funny Memes (14 Photos) #funny #memes #comedy #fail #jokes #fun #fail #meme #hehe #lol

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2021.09.28 18:11 SilentAngel33 So is there supposed to be only 3 Operations?

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2021.09.28 18:11 I_Am_Orion11 P-06 is the best sniper in Black Ops 3 and I will not be told otherwise!

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2021.09.28 18:11 PerplexuaI Blue Öyster Cult - (Don’t fear) The reaper

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2021.09.28 18:11 newsaucegenetics Partner in Oklahoma

I did this a few months ago, but thought I'd give it a shot here again.
Long story short...started my own grow, did well pre-covid and went to expand to 4,000 sq. ft. Covid hit, and we couldn't get electrical hooked up for 8 months. I let the lease lapse on the old building because I didn't need two grows, and the rest is history.
I left behind a 20 year career in oil and gas, and have tried to get back into the industry, but have pretty much been blacklisted because of my two years growing. I'm running out of options, but still have enough personal property to sell to get some start up going.
I'm looking for a partnepartners, and am completely open to any sort of suggestion you have. Are you broke but have 2 acres in the country? Let's talk.
Never grown before, but just like to smoke and have a little cash sitting around? I'll provide the smoke and we can have a chat.
Know nothing about weed and looking for passive income? It doesn't hurt to just talk and see if we can find an agreement.
I'm in my 40's, work my ass off, and have been growing since the 90's. I've got a large collection of hard to come by genetics, have been doing my own breeding since the early 2000's, and I already have proven strains that are market tested. I have funds but can't spin it all by myself this go round.
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2021.09.28 18:11 CptKeyes123 Why do the Wraith allow industrial civilization?

The Goa'uld and the Wraith keep developing civilizations down by attacking or enslaving them every once in a while, to prevent them from reaching a level of development where they could pose a threat. They bomb them from orbit, and what little that survives cannot resist the overwhelming forces of their less-than-stellar ground troops. Their ground troops not being amazing also helps prevent internal revolution. However, there's a key difference. The Goa'uld would wipe out a planet for inventing gunpowder, but on average, civilizations in the Pegasus Galaxy are much more advanced. Virtually none reach the information age, but many still reach the industrial era; many more develop firearms, aircraft, and an understanding of the stargate. The Athosians still have synthetic fibers and certain small tech like lighters left over from their industrial society. Why would the Wraith do this? It's very risky, as many of the societies they've run into have been advanced enough to find ways to survive. Certainly, they might allow them to reach a level of challenge and not threat, as that would kill a few Wraith but not all of them, and use that as a means of population control.
But I just had a way more interesting and nasty thought; while the Goa'uld are interested in slaves, the Wraith are interested in food. So they like industrial civilization, because that's the only human society that can sustain enormous numbers of people! Because it means more food. They don't want it to happen every time, but they like to have it as a way to keep their skills sharp and to occasionally supply food. Even an 1860s level planet would be acceptable to them. Mechanical reapers and trains of the Second Industrial Revolution would produce and distribute much more food than an agricultural society could. They want the humans to develop just far enough to be able to have a population explosion, but not far enough to develop nuclear weapons, related delivery systems, or reliable birth control. They would view birth control and nuclear weapons as equally dangerous.
Now, they don't do this every time, we see them raid agricultural societies, despite the fact that a single industrial society can meet the demands that ten agricultural ones could provide. I suspect it's like crop rotation in thirds; they rotate out the civilizations they hit, and allow time for several to grow unhindered. They rotate out the agricultural and industrial societies frequently, leaving some agricultural societies to rebuild and become industrial ones while the ruined societies are hit repeatedly. This makes up for the demand during the period when they have few to no industrial societies to hit. A single Pegasus society will go through three phases; destruction, raids, and development.
First, the Wraith allow a civilization to develop to an industrial level, then knock them down(Satedans). The remaining survivors attempt to rebuild with less technology(see the Hoffans), only to be wiped out a few generations down the line, and they do it again, constantly raiding them. This leads into phase two.
Once they're back down to an agricultural level, at phase two, the Wraith will raid them occasionally, while hitting another civilization and other agriculture societies. The time they spend raiding the industrial societies makes up the difference from this period where they need to raid a large number of agricultural societies, as it takes time for those in particular to rebuild to a point where they can absorb the losses from a Wraith attack while still having an acceptable population for continued growth.
At stage three, the Wraith stop hitting a specific agricultural society, as they have dropped below the threshold of loss absorption, and allow them to develop into an industrial one. This is where they allow the "crops" to grow. While they wait for industrial societies to develop, they raid other agricultural societies that have grown, or other civilizations. Once they're back up to an industrial level, the cycle repeats.
Now, there are exceptions where they find that the resistance is too strong, or even get wiped out themselves, see Jamus's people, Sateda, or the Travelers, but these may be the general rules. They wipe out the ones who get too uppity.
The Wraith allow industrial civilizations to exist because they want a population explosion, and perhaps the challenge that comes with such an event, but they have to be careful to not let them get far enough that they can build nuclear weapons, delivery systems, or birth control.
I hope this all makes sense, I had some trouble while writing it, but this is my general idea.
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2021.09.28 18:11 Excellent_Sport_5921 MIE 310

You understand you have a lackadaisical professor when she decides to change the book needed half way through the module when you could have possibly been done with it....
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