Match that hairline

2021.09.28 18:32 umiandyounme Match that hairline

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2021.09.28 18:32 lemmay Y'know, we ALMOST made it to the end of the month without another one...

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2021.09.28 18:32 El-Jewpacabra How to deal with constant leg-kickers?

Pretty much the title. I've been trying to time up my own kicks to their non-kicking leg to try and knock them off-balance, but given how I've only been training for a short time I'd appreciate some more input from other more experienced people. Thanks
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2021.09.28 18:32 nemanjadokic1987 How many illegal immigrants are there in the USA from Europe?

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2021.09.28 18:32 Evodius Just hit number 1!

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2021.09.28 18:31 Tyains Looking for a graph algorithm that finds the path with minimum cost, considering multiple starting points

Hey guys!
First of all I apologize if my vocabulary isn't the best. I'm not used to write in English while talking about math.
I'm currently dealing an optimization problem where I have to find the path with minimal cost of the edges between nodes (Vi, Vj) while maximizing the value of the edges which are self-loops (Vi, Vi) (which is the main objective). I also have 4 starting points: P1, P2, P3, P4 which I have to consider simultaneously and have to find a path for all.
The edges between nodes can take any value, but the all nodes can have up to 3 self-loops and they can only have 3 values: {2,3,4}
Once again, the main idea is to maximize the values of the chosen self-loops, while minimizing the values of the other edges all while taking into account some constraints. They are:
- the amount of weight of all edges chosen combined cannot exceed a certain value X
- the path of any node Pi can't have a node that was already contained in another path there from another node Pj
- we can only choose 1 self-loop of a certain node Pi per path.
Here's a small example of a node like that: example of node

Do any of you know any particular algorithm or theorem that may help me with this? I'm not that familiar with the "modern" graph theory as I've only learned things like Dijsktra algorithm and Trémeaux trees.

Thank you.
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2021.09.28 18:31 Angel270419 3 min eye makeup glam

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2021.09.28 18:31 loathsomecouple This is one of my favorite new leaves.

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2021.09.28 18:31 Accomplished_Cookie1 Getting ready for first ever Battle!

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2021.09.28 18:31 henrydree34 relaxation

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2021.09.28 18:31 aryaapng [For Hire] Anime-style digital illustrations - DM me for more info

[For Hire] Anime-style digital illustrations - DM me for more info This is my price list! :D
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2021.09.28 18:31 y_su South Korea's 2021 OWC Team!
Karuna (c)
Doomsday fanboy
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2021.09.28 18:31 furutam What would be appropriate titles for Yakuza-style games with a non-Japanese setting?

"Ryu ga Gotoku" translates to "Like a Dragon," referencing the connotation dragons have with Japanese mythology. But if RGG was to make a game set outside of Japan, what would a similarly appropriate name be for the region?
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2021.09.28 18:31 jg379 'Stone, the Immortal' by ABeardedArtist

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2021.09.28 18:31 only_personal_thungs I took a baseline practice LSAT and scored a 162. What now?

Im a senior and only recently started considering law school again. To be honest I’m nervous about posting this on Reddit because Reddit was the thing that originally made me not want to go to law school my freshman year. It seems like everyone on Reddit has a much worse attitude towards law school admissions in general than every actual law student I’ve ever met. The way people on here talk you’d think schools were telling them to go kill themselves over a 3.9 gpa and 175 LSAT. But like I said it seems like most law students I know are more optimistic.
I have a meeting with a professor to talk about my future plans and get his advice on some things with my life and career. He’s been urging me to consider law school so I took the 2006 LSAT just to have a score to throw out there when I meet with him. I’d never even seen an LSAT question before so this was an absolute baseline. I got a 162, way better than I expected.
From your guys’ experience, how can I go about improving this? I nailed the middle 2 sections and did ok on the fourth section (I think I would have done better but I was tired and rushed through it). I only really struggled on the first section. I’m nervous that if I take a class or something It’ll just mess up my processes and the way I think through the questions. My buddy took an LSAT class and it seemed like he was going to lose his mind and they were just pummeling him with strategies to identify the different types of arguments, but this isn’t something I had a problem with personally.
My initial plan for studying is basically to just do an LSAT section per day or every couple days, especially the logic games questions, take a couple more full tests to work on my timing, and just take the test again in a couple months. Is my fear about introducing other peoples strategies warranted? How much can I reasonably expect to improve my score?
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2021.09.28 18:31 SaltareDiabolis Certified Leanbox Moment

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2021.09.28 18:31 epicurusepicurus "Game Over" Acrylic on Canvas - Squid Game fanart, 2021

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2021.09.28 18:31 Icy_Cookie6338 Fillmore Detroit show 10/20 Fast Lane / VIP Passes

Going to the St. Vincent concert in Detroit 10/20 and was wondering if anyone knew if they were selling Fast Lane / VIP tickets? I’ve seen fast lanes or early entry lines at a lot of recent shows and would like to get one for this date if possible. Checked online and it looked like Live Nation was selling them but they were all gone. Any info is appreciated!
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2021.09.28 18:31 X_CosmicProductions Break good or Break bad?

My programming teacher told us that we should not use breaks, continues, empty returns in our code. We have worked in Java (mainly) and Python (a little bit). The reason was that it makes a code "not readable" and creates spaghetti-code. I don't agree with this, and I think that it can, in certain circumstances, make the code better and more efficient, while not sacrificing readability. What is your opinion on this? Do you agree? Do you disagree?
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2021.09.28 18:31 Financial_Chemist286 Remember when..

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2021.09.28 18:31 fengaryi Mobius found! They had about 8 at the Toys r Us in Kingston (ON)

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2021.09.28 18:31 seamarsh Exhibit A:Rogans new brain

ok, this is next level propaganda.. truly frightening..
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2021.09.28 18:31 caitlincatelyn I’d like to learn how to sail. I’m a Dal student on a budget. Are there any resources available to me?

I’ve already reached out to the Dal Sailing club, but they’re already a month into their season. I love water sports in general, but I can’t afford to drop a couple hundred dollars. Can anyone help?
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2021.09.28 18:31 hihelloitskayla Leftovers- baby approved

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2021.09.28 18:31 Maldorant Why so many are still buying into the narrative, and begging for authoritarian control. Interview with Mattias Desmet, Professor of Clinical Psychology

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